Is Breast Augmentation the Right Procedure for You?

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Breast augmentation is increasing the breasts’ size with either implants or transfer of fat. This operation can additionally help to regain breast volume that was lost due to weight loss or pregnancy. This procedure also corrects normal breast size asymmetry, and helps to achieve a more voluptuous breast contour.

Why Should You Get a Breast Augmentation?

-Boost your breasts’ volume and projection.

-Breast and hip curves need to be more balanced.

-Improve your self-esteem and confidence.

What Can’t Breast Augmentation Surgery Do?

Breast augmentation will not help if your breasts are badly droopy. For sagging breasts to seem larger and raised, a breast lift is often combined with a breast augmentation. Breast lifting can either be done concurrently with your augmentation or as an isolated procedure. This decision will be made with the help of your cosmetic surgeon.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Augmentation of the Breasts?

Breast augmentation is a highly personal surgery, so make sure you’re getting it done for yourself rather than for the others, even though they may volunteer to pay for it. If you meet the following criteria, you may be a good candidate for the procedure:

-You’re in good physical shape and aren’t planning to have more children.

-You’ve set realistic goals.

-Your breasts have reached their maximum size.

-You’re concerned with the size of your breasts.

-You’re unhappy with the way your breasts have lost contour as well as volume as a result of childbearing, loss of weight, or aging.

-You are dissatisfied with the appearance of your upper breast.

-Your breasts are unbalanced.

-Your breasts did not develop normally, or they were extended.

Take some time to look at breast augmentation photographs and understand the recovery process, if you’re thinking about breast augmentation. Patients can have more realistic expectations and have a faster recovery if they prepare beforehand.

Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of the Procedure?

Numerous health insurance companies will not fund the price of breast augmentation, accompanying complications, or other procedures to improve your breasts’ appearance. Breast illnesses are even excluded by some insurance companies in individuals with breast implants. Before getting a breast augmentation, make sure you understand your health insurance policy.

What Should I Anticipate During a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

Prepare to talk about the following topics during your consultation:

-Breast cancer in the family, as well as the results of a mammography, in addition to, prior biopsies

-Medicines, alcohol, nicotine, supplements, and drug usage.

-Health issues, pharmacological allergies, and prior medical treatments.

-Purpose of desiring to have breast augmentation surgery, your goals, and the things you hope to achieve

In addition, your plastic surgeon will:

-Check your overall health as well as any existing medical issues or risk factors.

-Inspect and take precise measures of your breasts, such as their size and form, skin condition, and the positioning of your areolas and nipples.

-Take pictures of your breasts

-Discuss your alternatives and make a treatment plan recommendation.

-Discuss the expected outcomes of the procedure, as well as any risks or issues that may arise.

During your consultation, you can ask your cosmetic surgeon any questions or discuss any concerns. Jot down a list of questions and bring them to your consultation. Some questions you can ask include:

-How would this affect my capacity to breastfeed?

-What would be needed of me in order for me to achieve expected results?

-What are the procedures for dealing with complications?

-How many years have you spent working as a cosmetic surgeon?

-What should I expect my new breasts to look like in the future? It’s critical to comprehend every part of your breast augmentation surgery. It’s reasonable to be apprehensive about it, whether you’re anticipating a new appearance or experiencing some preoperative anxiety. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions to your cosmetic surgeon.



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