What are the most common plants to buy at an online plant store?

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Looking to add a little bit of brightness and a few nature-inspired items in your house? Consider buying flowers from a reputable website that can be delivered straight to your doorstep!

The top plants to buy at an online plant store!

When looking to redecorate your house, what better way to spruce up your living room than to buy some indoor plants and flowers? If you are concerned about not knowing where to start, don’t worry – everyone starts somewhere!

Whether you are a new plant owner or you have experience with taking care of plants and flowers for our house, you should figure out the most common plants to buy at an online plant store like Plantly to give you a starting point for your next purchase.

Snake plant

The snake plant is much friendlier than it sounds! With beautiful green leaves that are stiff and stick straight up, this plant is a subtle and interesting addition to any type of room in your house. Known for purifying the air quality in your home or apartment, this snake plant thrives in bright light and dry soil. You need to make sure you have open windows, like in a floor-to-ceiling window apartment or a window sill to provide enough light for this snake plant.


A second plant that is very easy to take care of for new plant owners is a pothos plant. This aesthetic and stylish green plant is very easy to maintain if you have a busy lifestyle that requires you out of the hours for most hours of the day. Make sure you place the plant in either low or medium-light atmospheres and wait long enough to water it. When browsing the most common plants to purchase, make sure you look for a Pothos plant at an online plant store.

ZZ plant

The ZZ plant looks like something tropical that you have placed in your house! When browsing plants in an online plant store, look for a ZZ plant that can come in a beautiful pot to go well on your desk, windowsill, or cabinet. Needing water only every 2 weeks, the plant is very easy to take care of for low maintenance people.

Aloe vera

Known for its healing and moisturizing qualities, the aloe vera plant is a very distinctive plant that has spiky green leaves that stick straight up from its pot. This easy-going plant is a succulent that needs bright sun and watering only every 2 weeks to stay happy and healthy.


The last type of plant that is very popular and easy to find in an online plant store is the philodendron. Although a hard name to say, this plant is very easy to maintain over the years! Needing only medium indirect light, this plant will grow very quickly and add a nice aura to your living room or dining room.


As you can see, you should look for the most common types of plants and flowers at an online plant store to give you an idea of where to start with redecorating your home!


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