How To Remove Fake Eyelash Extensions At Home?

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You might have had bad experiences with removing eyelashes at home in the past but fear not, we come in peace! With the ups and downs of lockdown, you may not be able to consult with your local beautician.

Must you really suffer for beauty?

Beauty does not have to be painful. In ideal circumstances, it’s best to leave to the professionals. Longer lashes are designed to enhance your natural features. Accentuating your eyes is one sure way to make your selfies pop! You can exude confidence at your next event with a sweet pair of lashes.

However, if you’re left without a choice,  both removing and applying can be done at home. The DIY routine is ideal for wearing lashes for as long as you need! The key to a good DIY routine is reducing damage to your real lashes while applying fake eyelash extensions at home and when removing them.

An array of brands offer DIY options for lashes to instantly enhance a boring beauty routine. You can stand out with a lively pair of lashes with sweet deals from brands like Sweed Lashes, Huda Beauty, Eylure, and Mac. Lilac St. recommends lashes based on the shape of your eyes. With minimal effort, you can either apply, refill, or remove lashes with Lilac St. products.

Here are some easy ways to remove your fake eyelashes.

Clean hands and tools!

Hygiene is quite important; always wash your hands thoroughly before removing your lashes. The eye area is incredibly sensitive to bacteria, so clean hands and tweezers need to be used. This is not a process that takes a few minutes – in fact, you might need to set aside a few days to completely remove the lashes. 

Be Gentle

Throughout this process, it’s important to be gentle. Your natural eyelashes are your first line of defense against airborne diseases. You cannot afford to compromise your health in this way. If you’re still unable to remove your lashes after these attempts – it’s best to see a professional.

Check your cupboards!

You might have what you need to begin the process. One of the most effective products is anything safe to use around your eyes that is oil-based. Some of the safe options include oil-based makeup remover, coconut oil, and castor oil.

Massaging the oil around the area of the adhesive will begin the process of slowly dissolving the glue. The idea is to weaken the bond of the glue to slowly begin detaching the lashes using tweezers. 

If you’re still struggling, you can use your mascara to gently comb through your lashes before applying the oil-based solution. Mascara also often contains oil agents which assist with removing the glue.

Heat things up!

If you’re overdue for a facial, this tip might be more than helpful! You can either steam your face over a hot bowl of water or simply take a hot bath or shower. When it comes to fake eyelashes, for self-removal, heat and moisture are the perfect combos.

You can also apply a warm cloth to your eyelashes a few times a day to separate the glue from the skin. This is also a good way to avoid having chemicals around your eye area. Remember, we are trying to preserve a very important part of your face – your eyes and your lashes.


While this might also take time, it’s a good way to relax while you safely remove your fake lashes and preserve your real ones! You can steam daily to slowly remove the lashes. After each steam or shower – you can use a q-tip to apply your makeup remover or oil.

Be Gentle

Don’t apply too much pressure to your eye or pull too hard. If you’re struggling – simply stop and focus on something else for a little while. Obsessing over your eyes might result in an unwanted infection. If the area is getting irritated, that’s also an indication that you might need a break or an intervention from a professional. 

If you’re prepared to do your own lashes, you can visit an online store like Lilac St. to get your hands delivered to your home for $14 a set. This sweet deal is ideal to stay safe while keeping your lashes on fleek!


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