Safety equipment construction workers should have

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The construction industry poses a high number of risks and reports the highest number of accidents every year. According to HSE, in 2020 81,000 workers suffered from work-related ill health in construction, with 47% of injuries due to falls from a height and 12% by a moving/flying object. With this in mind, it’s important that staff are aware of all the security measures in place and are provided with the correct PPE to perform their jobs.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided to staff to protect them against any health and safety risks whilst at work. It’s important to wear PPE to protect the eyes from contact with chemicals, or head from flying objects.

Protection for your head

Whether you’re a construction worker or not on site, it should be a fundamental requirement to wear a hard hat to protect your head from falling objects from a height. Safety helmets are also handy to protect you from rain and direct sunlight.

Protection for your feet

Aim for slip resistant shoes to reduce the risk of slips and trips. Steel cap shoes are highly recommended to avoid the risk of puncture, especially if there are nails or debris lying around. Safety boots also provide comfort and durability during the working day.

Protection for your eyes and face

Your eyes, face and mouth are the most sensitive parts of the body which require protection. Safety goggles and visors protect your eyes from any flying debris and dust whilst face masks and respirators stop you inhaling dust particles, smoke, and dangerous chemicals that can be detrimental to your health.

Protection for your hands

Your hands get the most use in a construction site which puts them at risk of burns, cuts, fractures, and absorbing chemical substances that can harm your skin. Always remember to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and skin.

Other forms of protection

High visibility jackets come in handy if you are working next to roads or heavily populated spaces. This ensures you are visible to the public and oncoming traffic whilst you work. If you are working with machinery, ensure you have ear plugs that fit to protect your ear drums from loud noises.

PPE is important in the workplace to protect employees, managers, and visitors. Regular risk assessments should take place to knuckle down on any potential risks and staff should also be trained regularly to ensure they’re aware of rules and regulations. if an employee is doing something that could put themselves or others at risk, this should be reported.


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