Video Conferencing Etiquette

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Video conferencing is considered an essential part of the modern business world. It helps improve how remote workers connect with one another.

According to executives, video conferencing, like what is offered by Ooma Meetings is taking over in terms of audio conferencing and is now considered the go-to type of communication for internal teams. Also, since more and more of the workforce is working remotely, it is clear that video conferencing is important.

However, do you know how to act when it comes to video conferencing? Are you practicing good etiquette? Do you even know? Keep reading for some of the top video conferencing etiquette tips.

Mute Yourself When You Aren’t Speaking

While you may think you are quiet when you aren’t talking, modern microphones can pick up even the slightest background noises. This includes things like typing, sneezes, coughs, and more. These are all sounds that can be distracting to other people on the conference call. It may also annoy other participants. To avoid this situation, be sure to mute the microphone when you are not speaking.

Log Into the Meeting on Time

This needs to be a standard when it comes to any meeting, regardless of if it is a video conference or not. However, if you are joining a video conference, this is particularly important. While you may be able to sneak into an actual meeting late, everything is more visible.

Make Sure Everything Is Working Properly

It’s important to make sure there is no delay with your meeting. Make sure your video conferencing technology is working properly. It is a good idea to engage in a few test runs with your team before adding someone else.

Use the Right Hardware and Software

Using the right video conferencing hardware is just half the battle. You also need to find and implement a software solution that your team can use without extensive training or frustration. You will find there are several options, so be sure to explore what’s available to find what is right for you.

If you want to ensure that your video conferences are successful and that you accomplish your goal, keep the tips and information here in mind. Doing so is going to ensure that no one gets frustrated or annoyed. In the long run, using the etiquette tips listed here will pay off when it comes to your video conferences. Being informed is the best way to ensure your meetings are productive.


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