TheWiSpy [Tested]: Best Android Spy App That Works Remotely

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The studies have shown that parents worldwide have almost the same needs when it comes to kid’s security. For example, have you ever wanted to track your child’s online activities? Are you worried about something inappropriate stored in their phones? Are you curious who your teens are talking to every day?

All these problems are common among parents, but they’re failing to find all these things. For example, if the kids don’t allow parents to touch their phones, how can parents ensure their safety? The answer is through spyware apps for android. It can help parents track down data and provide live locations when needed, remotely.

The issue is that not all spy apps for android phone offers remote functionality, so you need to find one that can offer exceptional results but remotely. TheWiSpy is the best spy app for android in India because it has everything you need for spying. It has highly advanced functions that make remote spying possible. In fraction of time, you can get information from the target device.

TheWiSpy- Overview

TheWiSpy is undoubtedly is best mobile tracker app and top-seller spyware around the globe. The primary reason for its popularity is rich features that can provide quick and authentic results. In addition, the technology of TWS has advanced with time, and it has updated functions that can break any security barrier when required.

It’s impossible to get caught when your spy app works in stealth mode. When a user requires fetching data from the phone, the app secretly starts working. And without giving it away, uploads the information on TheWiSpy account. In addition, you can take advantages of premium features that will help you record calls, view live events smoothly.

TheWiSpy- Benefits

You don’t bluntly choose a spying app; first, you should ensure what benefits you will get out of it. And what features does it provide, so you get quality results. THEWISPY is a mobile phone tracker with uncountable advantages, but the following are the highlighted ones that make it worth buying.

·        Affordable prices:

TheWiSpy has an extensive list of features that makes it a great app, but you must think it costs a lot, right? It’s the total opposite; you can get any of TWS plans at affordable prices. The main goal of TheWiSpy is to offer customers ease. That’s why they offer multiple choices. So if you need the spying app for a short period, you can only get it for $9.99. There is no match of TheWiSpy out in the market because you can never find such low rates.

·        Quality results:

You can review the whole app and find out the amazing things about it, but it’s all in vain when you don’t get good results. TheWiSpy is an all-rounder app that has all advanced qualities and gives unprecedented results. The main reason; it is so popular is that it satisfies the user need for tracking through authentic data. The advanced technology has reduced output timing, and in minutes, you can get monitored data.

·        Reliability:

Being a parent is stressful, and you worry a lot about your child’s safety. That’s why you must choose a mobile phone tracker. TheWiSpy takes pride in providing reliable information to users. If you find yourself in a panic situation and can’t locate your teen, TheWiSpy will instantly provide the exact location. You can rely on it in the worst times, and you will never get disappointed.

·        Customer support:

Many spy apps lack to provide answers to queries when you require them the most. They make a function of customer care and leave it with no responses. But TheWiSpy is different because it offers amazing customer support. It is active 24/7, and you can ask any question you have, from installation to technical queries, you will get your answers regarding everything.

·        Web-interface:

TheWiSpy has a web interface as well that makes it easier for the user to track cell phones. All the features are listed on the online portal, where you can command and fetch data. It means you don’t have to install TheWiSpy on your device because you can use your account online.

·        Installation guide:

You can get help if you find difficulty in installing TheWiSpy on your device. The process of installing is simple, but for more user-ease, an installation guide is offered. All you need to do is follow the procedure and download the spyware instantly.

TheWiSpy- Smart features

TheWiSpy cell phone tracking app has a substantial amount of smart features that are perfect for spying on mobile phones or computers. These features are the reason that TheWiSpy is way up the lead in the market. We have explained the following important features in the article to provide a better idea.

·        Advanced features:

The immense range of advanced features is available for monitoring. You can remotely spy and view information using these functions.

Call tracking:

You can monitor call logs from a remote area with the help of a call tracking feature. You will view a detailed summary of the caller id, duration, and other details on TheWiSpy account. The app fetches the required information and then uploads it on the dashboard so you can view it remotely.

SMS tracking:

It helps you monitor all the sent and received messages, either SMS or social media apps messages. TheWiSpy provides access to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter direct messages. You can view all the conversations on your screen because the app will give you a real-time view.

GPS tracking:

Are you curious about where your child is sneaking out without telling you? Of course, it is normal for you to worry about your kid’s safety and keep updated on their current locations. But, in the end, you’re providing them with a safe environment and keeping them away from trouble.

It is the best spy app for android in India that offer exceptional GPS tracking feature. Track down the live location of your children and get a detailed report on the history as well. It will help you find out if they’re lying about being at school. It’s one of the promising functions for their safety.


Spyware app for android helps in putting restrictions on geographical areas. You might not get it at once, but it’s a very effective yet simple function. It’s hard to wait around for your kid’s to get in a dangerous place. So instead of checking their location, you can put restrictions on certain areas. And you’ll get alerts when they enter the place. 

When your kids try to escape the house or enter the blocked location, you’ll get alerts. The geofencing feature is hidden, which means your child won’t know about geofencing alerts. The app will detect the location and inform the parent when the boundaries are breached.

Application spy:

You can also spy on the applications installed on the target phone through a mobile tracker app. Such as you can view how many apps are currently available or in use, you can view the online activity of the apps from your screen. TWS offers to block and restrict usage, so you can remotely do these things to ensure your children follow screen time limits.

Calendar spy:

A person saves important events on the calendar, so if you want to get details on the upcoming activities of your child or employee, this feature is perfect. It gives you access to the calendar; you can also make changes apart from viewing.

Instant alerts:

If you want to be precocious about your children sending or getting inappropriate messages, then you can set alerts. For example, the key logger feature will alert the parents when a word such as suicide, nudes, blackmailing will be used.

·        Remote spying features:

You can view tracked information remotely with many spy apps, but only TheWiSpy offers remote spying features where you can make changes. Following are highlighted remote features that are popular among parents and employers.

Call recording:

It lets you record the happening call at the moment; recording a call is sensitive. So you can easily get caught. But TheWiSpy has advanced functionality that ensures secret spying, and you’ll get the audio without disturbing the call. The app then uploads the file on the dashboard where you can listen the call recordings.

Camera spy:

If your kid will meet the bully or harasser in person and you know it because of monitoring their phones, you can help them. You can click pictures through the target phone camera in good quality to take proof of blackmailing. It will also help you satisfy that your kid is secure in all the chaos.

Surround recording:

Besides capturing pictures, you can also hear the whole conversation at the scene through your device. TheWiSpy has access to the microphone of the target device that starts recording at your command. The app then uploads the surround recorded audio to the dashboard, where you can hear and download it.

Remote commands:

You can change the stored media and files on the target device with remote commands. Such as, you can delete any video, picture, audio, or file from the phone remotely. You can also block websites from the browser and uninstall applications that are already installed on your child’s cell phone.


TheWiSpy is a powerful mobile phone tracker tool for parents and employers because it controls everything on the target phone. So you can check on your children’s security remotely all day long without disturbing their lifestyle.

You can keep a close eye on your employee working because it’s hard to run an office space when you are not around. It is a perfect fit for your spying needs, so don’t waste your time and get your subscription plan today.


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