What to expect from the upcoming college football season

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Now that we are half into 2021, it means it’s time for many major football events to come. We know that people are really excited about the NFL 2021 Football Season but the college football lines held by the NCAAF or the National Collegiate Athletic Association Football is fast approaching as well.

There are many events to come and a lot of exciting games with that too and so without any further we do, let’s dive into all the exciting news.

When is the NCAAF College Football Season Starting?

The College Football Season is always held in the second half of the year as we know. The events will be starting on August 28th and there will be a lot of games held in the span of 14 weeks’ time. Throughout this time, teams from colleges all over the US will be performing and competing against each other to climb up the leaderboard.

So get excited about some of the anticipated games of this season and be ready to support teams that you like the most. As there will be a lot of games happening, it will be hard to keep track of which teams will be playing at what time and so it is always advised that you keep track of the time and matches of your favorite college teams.

Major Events and Games

The first game will be held on August 28th. The first game of the first week is always a very hyped-up match where not only the viewers get excited, but also all the other teams of the season get excited as well.

The first game will be between Illinois Fighting Illini and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It will start at 1 PM. The first day of the first week will only have 1 game as it will be the starting game of the season.

After that, you can expect from 2 to even 18 games in one single day. In the first week alone there will be a total of 89 games. So, you can obviously imagine the tight schedule of every game that will be happening during the first couple of weeks.

The games will be held in the span of 14 weeks all the way towards the end of the year on December 11th.

Anticipated Games

Now let’s talk about some of the more highlighted games of the week. In the first week, the most eventful match probably be between Clemson and Georgia that will be held on September 5, 7:30 PM. It will be held in Charlotte, NC. Although people are also excited for the match of last year’s champions, LSU Tigers where they will be playing against UCLA.

Here are some of the highlighted games of each week.

Week 1 -Georgia vs. Clemson

Week 2 – Iowa at Iowa State

Week 3 – Alabama at Florida

Week 4 – Clemson at NC State

Week 5 – Cincinnati at Notre Dame

Week 6 – Alabama at Texas A&M

Week 7 – Miami at North Carolina

Week 8 – USC at Notre Dame

Week 9 – Georgia vs. Florida in Jacksonville, Florida

Week 10 – Ohio State at Indiana

Week 11 – Texas A&M at Ole Miss

Week 12 – Louisiana at Liberty

Week 13 – Alabama at Auburn


Seasonal games are always an exciting and nerve-racking experience to watch. So many competitors from all over the US will be performing in the College Football Season.

This was just a brief rundown of when the events are going to start and what games should you be looking out for. We hope you’ll be watching and will be as excited as we are for this season.


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