The Popularity of Short Doctoral Online Programs

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A doctorate is the highest level of academic attainment in various fields of study. Many students pursuing doctoral degrees are typically busy professionals who may find it challenging to balance school life and personal commitments. The completion of a doctorate can lead to better and higher-paying career prospects.

Fortunately, there are many institutions of higher learning offering short and affordable online doctoral programs. Students don’t have to forego advancing their careers when they decide to further their education. There is even a growing interest in online learning programs as employers continue viewing them more favorably.

What Has Contributed to the Popularity of Shortest Doctoral Online Programs?

Accelerated online doctoral programs are increasingly popular among adult learners already struggling with tight schedules. The reasons behind this shift are neither new nor unexpected. For several years now, the dynamics of postgraduate education have been shifting away from the traditional brick-and-mortar approach to the more sophisticated and widely accepted virtual learning format.

The shift towards hybrid education has forced many formerly reluctant schools to launch or develop digital services. As demand for higher learning rises and people continue adapting to online learning, the distinction between in-person degrees and online degrees will continue to fade.

Also, experts argue that the unforeseen societal unrest caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the development of alternative approaches to occupational and life success. Aspiring doctoral students have shifted their focus to academic quality, career relevance, flexibility, and affordability. Similarly, institutions of higher learning are increasingly focusing on value proposition and producing appealing graduates to potential employers.

How Can I Find the Shortest Doctoral Online Program?

Typically, it takes 3 to 5 years to earn a Ph.D., unless you select a professional doctorate (does not require a dissertation). There’re, however, some random 2-year Ph.D. programs offered in some schools. The dissertation prerequisite considerably influences your Ph.D.’s completion time.

If you aim to enroll in the shortest yet affordable doctoral online program, you’ll have to select fast-tracked doctoral courses with fewer credit hours and no dissertation prerequisite. Online doctoral programs may take a relatively shorter period to complete if you have a relevant Master’s degree and a significant related working experience.

Are There Legit 1-Year Doctoral Online Programs?

Even with the numerous universities across the country, it’s challenging to find a university that provides an accredited one-year Ph.D. online program. While most Ph.D. programs last for more than two years, an institution like Breyer State University has a fast-tracked online doctoral program that lasts for 12 months. The short Doctor of Psychology in Grief Counseling degree charges an affordable tuition fee of approximately $3,500.

How to Find an Accredited School for Your Accelerated Online Doctoral Program

With the numerous promises of fast accreditations at a significantly low amount all over the internet, it can be pretty challenging to select a good university for your program. Nonetheless, there are criteria you can use to pick the best university for your particular program.

  • First, focus on picking your preferred course before thinking about a particular school. If you begin by selecting the university first, you might choose a school that doesn’t offer your chosen program.
  • The difference between public and private universities should not worry you. There are brilliant schools in both categories where you can find your exact fit.
  • Ensure that your school of choice is highly esteemed and, more if their admission requirements seem too convenient.

The popularity of online learning has seen universities find innovative ways to increase the legitimacy of online degrees. Most short doctoral online programs providers are keen to tap into the budding market of adult learners looking to improve their career prospects without sacrificing other personal commitments such as work and family.


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