New Options for Finishing Out Your Metal Garage

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Finishing Your Metal Garage Interior: An Introduction

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and installed your new metal garage! It’s anchored to the ground and standing pretty in the sun. But what’s next? You might want more out of your metal garage than just a shelter that will protect cars and equipment from the elements. They’re capable of so much more, anyway. Perhaps you’d like to finish it out and turn it into a home or office! For projects like this, it can be challenging to determine exactly where to start. And while you will most likely want to consult a professional contractor to handle the bulk of the work, we’d like to give you some handy tips to help you along the way!

A Comprehensive Guide to Finishing the Interior of Your Metal Building

Once you’ve decided to finish out your building, your next step will be to research and develop a thorough game plan for what to expect throughout the project. Many logistical headaches are lying in wait for those that come unprepared.

You will also want to have a solid budget in mind that takes into account extra expenses that may appear along the way. No one wants to get halfway through a project only to realize they no longer have the money to finish the job.

By taking the time to compile a list of exactly what you hope to accomplish and the tools and supplies you’ll need along the way, you’ll be ready to transform your new garage into a unique home or office.

1.     Walls

Walls are among some of the most significant factors in making your metal garage more home-like and comfortable. By adding wooden frames, insulation, and drywall to the interior of your structure, you can greatly transform its appearance and give it that modern appeal. After adding drywall, you have a wide choice of materials to complete the interior walls. Paneling, tiles, stone, and brick veneers all make great finishing choices, depending on your style.

2.     Floors

Much like your walls, the type of flooring you choose will have a tremendous effect on the overall look and feel of your finished metal garage. With garages that sit on concrete foundations, you can add just about any traditional flooring type. Hardwood, luxury vinyl, and even tiles are all available to meet your style. Additionally, you can also paint and seal your already present concrete foundation for a slick look that’s perfect for offices and workspaces.

3.     Shelving units and cabinets

You can never have too much storage space! And by adding shelves and cabinets to your metal garage, you can optimize your capacity to store items. Additionally, elevated cabinets are a great way to generate additional floor space.

4.     Interior Framing

As mentioned in step one, you will need to frame up your metal building to give your insulation and drywall a place to hang. The combination of these will do wonders for making your garage appear warm and inviting. It will also greatly help in noise reduction throughout the structure. For this part of the process, you may want to consult with a carpenter.

5.     Insulation

From here, you’ll want to either spray or hang insulation in the framing of your metal building. Insulation can help maintain temperatures, keeping your space warmer during the winter and more relaxed during the summer. Insulation will also provide moisture resistance, keeping your interior nice, dry, and free of mold and mildew.

6.     Metal Roofing

Your metal garage will most likely already come with a roof system in place. However, with Metal Garages ordered from providers like Coast to Coast Carports, you are given a wide variety of styles and color options to choose from during the design phase. These roofs are highly customizable and can be made to fit almost any style of home.

7.     Ceilings

To complete your interior finishing project, you’ll probably want to consider adding a ceiling to hide the metal bracing and various framework that runs along the underside of your roof. There are plenty of colors, finishes, and textures to choose from to give your building that traditional feel.


Your metal garage is already a testament to the strength and beauty steel structures offer. But you can always go one step further and transform your metal building into a luxurious modern home or office space. It doesn’t have to be a dreary old garage!

By taking the time to research your project and developing a clear plan and budget, you can transform your carport or metal garage into a fully finished home. It’s an easy project that one can accomplish with minimal handyman skills. However, as with any construction project, you’ll want to consult with a licensed contractor before breaking ground and follow all safety guidelines throughout the entire process.

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