Google Algorithms: Do Panda and Penguin Still Matter?

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Today, the vast majority of people use the internet when they are looking for products and services they require. Therefore, you have to make sure your website ranks highly on search engines if you want people to visit your website. That means understanding how the algorithms of search engines, such as Google, operate. 

Search engine optimization is the practice of creating content that is attractive to search engines, such as Google. At the same time, the algorithms that search engines use are updated from time to time. Two of the older algorithms include Panda and Penguin. Even though these are older algorithms, they can still have an impact on your site. What are each of these algorithms, and why are they so important to the success of your website? Take a look below, and be sure to reach out to a professional local SEO agency if you have questions or concerns about digital marketing and search engine optimization. 

An Overview of Panda: What Is It?

Panda is one of the older algorithms, launched in 2011. The overall goal of this search engine algorithm was to showcase high-quality sites higher in search results. Then, sites that were not high quality were demoted in search results, meaning they ranked lower. When the algorithm change was first launched, it did not have a name. Eventually, it was renamed Panda. It impacted a large number of sites and caused people to change the way they constructed websites. 

When this algorithm was first released, a lot of people believed that it was targeting sites that did not have strong linking patterns. It turns out that this is all about site quality and does not have a lot to do with the links on your website. There were a lot of websites that were hit incredibly hard, causing a massive impact on their traffic patterns. Even though the algorithm has been updated recently during the past few years, it is still important to think about site quality, as Panda still plays a significant role in the appearance of your website. 

If you would like to make sure Panda likes your website, there are several key questions you need to answer. These include: 

  • Would you trust the information presented in the articles that are on your website? If not, then it is probably not going to rank well according to this algorithm.
  • Do you believe this article goes deep into the details of the topic? Or does it tend to scratch the surface? If it only scratches the surface, it is probably not going to rank well. 
  • Does the website have a lot of duplicate content on it? Is it using the same terms over and over again? If so, then it probably will not rank well on Panda. 
  • Is the website itself a recognized authority on this topic? If so, then it should rank well.
  • Has the article been edited appropriately? Or does it have a bunch of mistakes? If it has been produced sloppily, then it probably is not going to rank well. 

These are important questions because they are all going to play a role in how actual users are going to rank the quality of the website. Therefore, this is how Panda is going to look at this website as well. It is important to think about the answers to these questions, as they will impact the ranking of your website. 

An Overview of Penguin: What Is It?

Next, it is important to take a look at the Penguin algorithm, which was first launched in 2012. The entire purpose of this algorithm is to reduce the amount of trust that Google has created in sites that do not have natural backlinks. Even though links are the most important factor in this algorithm, there are other issues that can play a role as well. 

It is important to take a closer look at the links on your website. If someone places a link that goes back to your website, this is a sign of respect. After all, if someone is linking back to your website, this is a sign that they trust your content. Of course, you would like to cultivate the best links possible. If your links are coming from high-quality sites, then these links are going to count more than lines that are coming from unknown sites. It is also important to pay attention to the anchor text. Anchor text refers to the words that are linked in the article. If the anchor text is relevant to the site, this is going to count more.

In the past, a lot of people were creating unnatural links that were coming from low-quality websites. Therefore, their ranking was improving, driving traffic to sites that weren’t as good as other options. Now, Penguin has been designed to stop this practice. Websites that engage in this practice are not going to rank well. Ultimately, if this algorithm determines that you have a lot of links going back to your website that are not trustworthy, your ranking is going to be harmed. This algorithm has impacted a large number of websites. A lot of websites have had their rankings reduced, reducing the amount of traffic. The more link manipulation the website engages in, the harder the ranking is going to be hit. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure this does not happen to you.


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