5 Ways You Can Make Your Boyfriend’s Heart Melt With These Amazing Birthday Ideas

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You might be stranded at home due to the pandemic situation and the imposed lockdowns.

The majority of the world’s population is facing it, but that doesn’t mean you’ll let the virus put a hold on your happiness.

There will be many occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, when you won’t be able to throw a big party. However, you may still plan small surprises for your beloved from the comfort of your own home.

We understand that having a blast while being at home can be hard to accomplish, and you may be having trouble planning the whole thing. So, we’ve put up a list of things you can do to make your partner feel special on his special day.

Bake A Cake

If you are lucky enough to be staying with your boyfriend during these uncertain times, make use of your baking skills. And you don’t have to do it all, simply buy a cake mix!

You don’t have to tell him, as what really matters is the effort you put into it. So bake a yummy cake and just when the clock strikes 12, surprise him with a cute cake and see him smile wide.

Trust us when we say it doesn’t matter how the cake looks as long as it’s edible, your boyfriend will love it.

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach(cliche but true)

Indoor Game Night

How many times has your boyfriend called you to play that weird anime game on his PlayStation? We assume many.

You can finally surprise him with a game night and agree to play games as long as he wants. Keep a cola and chips handy, get into the gaming mode and be ready to see him have a great time.

If he doesn’t play Xbox or PlayStation, you can opt-in for a good old school board game. There are many like sequence, monopoly and more in the market; you can easily get one online or offline to have a gala time with your man.

Plan That Party, Anyway

Who says you can’t have a two-person party? It takes two individuals to have a fantastic party.

To begin, grab a notebook and make a rough outline. This is because if this is your first time planning something, you may find it difficult.

Guys like good food and drinks as well as spending quality time with you.

All of these things are basic but necessary for you to nail to be eligible to be crowned the “finest birthday party thrower” at lockdown.

Start by cooking his favourite foods at home, using blogs or YouTube videos as guides, and pretend to be a master chef for the day!

He will appreciate the food regardless of its flavour and, most importantly, your company, which will be enough to make his day.

Get His Favorite Things Delivered

You can get almost anything delivered to your house thanks to fast and efficient delivery services.

There is nothing better than yummy, delicious food to brighten the mood. So you may order everything from pastries to a complete roasted chicken!

You may use delivery services to bring your partner gift boxes full of sweet foods or even flowers, which are both very cool gift ideas. Furthermore, it’s an old wives’ myth that you can’t give flowers to men, but it’s 2021, and the news is that men like flowers as well!

Make sure that your boyfriend opens the door when the delivery man rings the doorbell and see his surprised look to see the favourite food and flowers.


A perfect birthday is not necessarily an expensive 5-star affair; even slight effort and gestures can mean a tremendous lot.

So go all out and plan a small birthday celebration for your partner that he would remember for ages!

If you use any of the above ideas, do let us know in the comments.


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