What Are Canonical Tags And Why Are They Important For SEO?

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We all know that SEO is complex and as the industry grows and competition increases, the sweet science of search engine optimisation is an essential service that every business needs. In this article, we take a look at canonical tags and why they are so important for good SEO.

What Are Canonical Tags?

First created in 2009, canonical tags were introduced to help Google understand that certain URLs are actually copy pages. The tag could refer to an internal or external URL and according to Google, a canonical URL is the best representation of multiple pages. It is very confusing for the search engine algorithms when presented with duplicate data.

Located In The Header Area

Canonical tags are found in the header area of a website, which tells Google which is the master URL when there are multiple pages. If all this is too complex for you, talk to the Digital Search SEO company in Brisbane, if you live in the area. If you are located elsewhere, a quick Google search should lead you to reputable experts near you. It is important to avoid showing duplicate content. Indeed, Google will penalise a website for this.

When Do You Need Canonical Tags?

The following scenarios would require canonical tags:

  • when the homepage can be reached from several URLs
  • pages that can be reached with or without backslash (/)
  • when content is presented in different formats
  • when a URL is valid with and without the ‘s’ that comes with ‘http’
  • when additional content is available on another external website

The Importance For SEO

Canonical tags are important because they help Google to decide which URL is the best example of multiple content to list. The tag must be implemented correctly so as not to confuse search engines. If not implemented correctly, the canonical tag could result in the search engine ignoring the page, which would not be a desired outcome. Millions of online consumers search with Google and if you want your website to be high in search rankings, SEO services are required.

Typical Canonical Tag Errors

Here are some of the scenarios when errors often occur:

  • 404 Status Code – This will confuse the Google crawlers that scan the web, looking for changes.
  • ‘Nofollow’ or ‘Noindex’ – Combining ‘nofollow’ or ‘noindex’ tags with canonical tags is not advised.

It is not compulsory to use canonisation, as Google has the ability to decide which URL represents the best information according to the search criteria.

SEO is extremely complex. Rather than spending all your time learning about canonical tags and URLs, you should talk to a leading SEO agency who have all the tools to take your business to the top. When a business owner approaches an SEO agency, the tech experts carry out a thorough online audit of the business. This gives them a starting point. After some exchange of information, the agency would propose a detailed digital marketing plan that utilises a range of strategies to drive traffic to the client’s website.

If you have yet to join forces with an SEO agency, there’s no better time to search online for a leading SEO agency that delivers results.


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