Budget Shopping: Here’s a List of 3 Best Inverter Batteries in India

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Most places in the country face frequent power cuts. This happens due to lack of proper electrical connectivity, and adverse weather conditions. With extreme heat and humidity, it can be very irritating when electric supply gets disrupted. Also, the usual home activities in the night can get affected significantly without any electricity. As a result, having an inverter battery to combat these power cut sessions is becoming very important.

When someone is going to buy an inverter, it is obvious that they will go for the best inverter battery in India. Everyone will want to invest in a good device, which will provide proper battery backup and will last long. Fortunately, there are many such inverters present which are available at quite an affordable price.

Top Budget Inverter Batteries Available In India

Given below are some of the best inverter battery in India in the budget price range.

  1. Battery 100 Ah – ILST12042

This inverter battery model is one of the best budget choices for powering homes during power cuts. It comes tubular shaped plates. The tubular technology used in these batteries provide better power generation. The design makes the battery resistant to corrosion, and it has an indicator to denote the level of electrolyte. The batteries are fast charging, and are perfect for places that face power cuts for long period of time.. This is one of the best inverter battery in India and requires very less maintenance. It is priced at Rs. 12810 MRP

  • Battery 80 Ah – ILST10036

This inverter battery is one of the best inverter battery in Indiadue to its overall performance. It has an 80 Ah battery capacity, and is perfect for running small homes during frequent power cut sessions. It comes with tubular type batteries that hold more electrolyte, which in turn, helps in more power generation. There are indicators present, and the battery requires very little maintenance. It has a warranty period of 36 months, and gets charged very fast. This battery also has a high charge acceptance rate. The price of this battery is Rs. 10080 MRP

  • Battery 60 Ah – ILST8036

This inverter battery has high demand in many places, due to its continuous performance and compact size. This battery is also designed with tubular technologies. Hence, the amount of electrolyte present in the battery is more by 20 percent. This helps the battery to provide more power and for longer duration. Also, this battery is designed in a rugged manner to make it durable. It has a warranty period of 3 years, and has a battery capacity of 60 Ah. The price of this best inverter battery in India is Rs. 8190, and it requires minimum maintenance.

These models of inverter batteries mentioned above are some of the best inverter battery in India at present. What’s more is that all of these inverter batteries are well within the affordable range. Most people investing on these products will get a much greater performance in return. All of these batteries are based on tubular technology, which increases their charge acceptance rate and provides the ability to supply uninterrupted power for long durations. Also, these batteries are durable, and the lifespan of these batteries are pretty long.

These batteries are also capable of charging up very fast, due to their capacity and electrolyte spread. With indicators that denote the battery status, these batteries require very low maintenance. With a short and compact size, these are few of the best inverter battery in India which falls under the budget section.

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