The Effects of COVID 19 on relationship

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It is a universal fact that COVID 19 is a pandemic and has affected almost every walk of life, either directly or indirectly. People who are active patients are direct victims of the virus. Caretakers of the patient are suffering indirectly. 

COVID 19 also has affected all aspects of human life. People are losing Job leading to financial crises. The entertainment industry is suffering a lot. Cinema, theater, amusement parks, tourism are badly affected. Religious places like churches, temples, and mosques are also facing a shutdown. Education is also suffered. School/colleges are closed. Online classes are not so effective.

Effect Of COVID 19 On Mental Health 

COVID 19 has affected the mental health of people very badly. Some people are under extreme stress. These stressful conditions are causing more serious problems. 

 Now the cases of anxiety and depression are increasing due to many reasons. This mental health condition is also affecting the relationship.

According to, people spend more time at home due to lockdown or avoiding social gatherings to keep their physical health in good condition. This condition has both positive and negative aspects. Some couple got their relationship more strong. This is a positive aspect of COVID 19, but some people are under extreme stress and feeling issues with their partners. The conditions were not like this previously. 

Reason for changes in mental health

Changes in the gender role

One of the reasons is the changes in the role of gender at home. There is a difference in the traditional gender role at home and outside. Men are spending more time at home. They are busy online with office work. Now they are additionally sharing the child care with their wife. That is why they are feeling the burden. Negative impacts of COVOD 19 continue to increase if both partners are under tension and unable to handle their mental states. The relationship becomes critical if one partner’s stress affects others with less support from another partner. This can lead to thoughts of divorce, annulment, legal separations.

  1. Financial Issues

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been shut down or temporarily closed. People have lost their jobs, and there is no other source of earning. Problems become worse when both partners were going to their workplace previously and now lost jobs. Some firms have offered online jobs with reduced salaries. People involved in their own businesses like shops in the market, hotels/restaurants, entertainment business, etc., have lost or reduced income not sufficient to meet their daily expenses. These changes in earnings have direct effects on mental health, causing different issues. These problems are given below.

  1. Insomnia (loss of sleep)
  2. Changes in eating habits
  3. Negative thoughts
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Behavioral changes

Affected men become depressed and frustrated at home. They let their frustration out by shouting on partner and children. This situation also spoils relationships with children.

  • Spending too much time together

Now people are spending more time at home and have more chances of interaction with partners, parents, and children. Some people take it positively and try to build a strong relationship with their partner and children through proper and effective communication. 

Some couple thinks that they will lose opportunities of solitude when spending 24/7 with a partner for an uncertain period of time. For example, they will not be able to watch their favorite TV channels, etc. It is also difficult to balance each other’s emotions and support each other. 

Poor communication can be one of the reasons for poor relationships during the COVID 19 pandemic. Following are some signs of poor communication.

  1. Increased criticism
  2. Increased aggression
  3. Lack of compromise
  4. Short temperament
  5. Belittling

People avoid an argument by communicating less with a partner while living together 24/7. But this condition increased tension and can further crack the relationships significantly when already compromised. At this stage, anxiety can be converted into depression. 

People already having compromised relationships before the pandemic, there is a significant opportunity to strengthen their relationship or end of term after spending much time together. 

How to protect or strengthen the relationship

  • Maintain Self-care and routine

It is essential to maintain some daily routine while living 24/7 at home. This will bring some scheduled life and self-care into your personality. Ensure following activities

  1. Daily change of dress
  2. Make bed after waking up
  3. Strictly follow sleeping and wakeup times
  4. Daily exercise
  5. Take healthy diet
  6. Help and support partner 
  • Set time of online work

Strictly follow working time online. Don’t leave or your daily working schedule. Give time to other personal and joint issues on a regular basis.

  • Control over abuse

Anxiety and depression can lead to starting, or increased smoking increased alcohol intake, or any other substance abuse. All of these can cause serious health issues

  • Outside exercise/walk together

You can strengthen your relations with your partner by going on a daily walk together. Exercise/walk is a healthy habit but remember to follow SOP regarding social distancing and wearing a mask while outside. Avoid walking in parks or areas where large numbers of people are walking.

  • Combine childcare

Share the burden of your partner of childcare while spending more time at home. Children are also spending their all-time at home as schools are closed. Online classes are not effective. This becomes more important in a situation where both partners work online.

  • A proper plan for a struggling relationship

If relationships are already at risk, it is an excellent time to evaluate your thinking and plan for a better future. Spend more time with your partner and try to understand their problems. Change your attitude in favor of your partner to accommodate.

  • Stay connected

Don’t corner yourself at home. Stay connected with your friends, family members, and colleagues by phone or computer. But keep the balance between personal engagements and time for a partner. Give him/her proper time and share the burden while staying connected with your beloved ones.

  • Keep talking and listening.

It will be good for mental health if we continue two-way communication with the partner.

  • Financial plan

Chalk out a new financial plan in current circumstances by discussing it with a partner. Last, it would be best if you understood that COVI 19 pandemic is still on. And no one knows how long it will last. Don’t risk your relationship due to this pandemic. Take preventive measures and have a happy life with your partner.


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