Know The Difference between Primer, Foundation, and Concealer and What Comes First!

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Are you a makeup newbie who is bogged down by the eternally confusing questions such as are primer, concealer, and foundation the same or different? What comes first, the concealer or the foundation? Do you even need a concealer? Believe me we can relate.

Anyone who’s taken the first tottering steps into the gargantuan world of makeup has faced these doubts before reaching their pinnacle of gorgeousness. Well, today we will be telling you the significance of each product, procedure and hopefully help answer some of your questions.

 What is a Primer?

Can you imagine painting your walls without the beginning coat of a wall primer? No, right? The makeup primer also plays the same role. It is one of the preparatory makeup products which are a must in your kitty. It helps you prepare your skin, just like a canvas to ensure the rest of the makeup glides on effortlessly. It fills in large pores, smoothes out those flaky patches around your acne, and fills in uneven, bumpy ditches on your face. It is available in different formats of gel, cream, or liquid and you can pick one that best suits your skin.

What is a Foundation?

As the name indicates, this makeup product creates an even base to apply the rest of the makeup. This product is usually applied after a primer and should ideally be of the same colour as your skin tone. Foundation is used to give your skin an even finish and hide those fine lines.

The One-size-fits-all concept doesn’t apply to foundation because different skin types and tones need a different shade of foundation. It is available in different forms like powder, liquid, and cream and different finishes like matte, dewy and natural.

 What is a Concealer?

Little thicker in texture as compared to foundation, concealer is a corrective beauty product that seamlessly hides spots, scars, acne, pigments, blemishes, and dark circles. Some women even use it to highlight their cheekbones or as primer for their lids. Just like its predecessors, it comes in a variety of different formats to choose from.

 What Should Be Applied First?

The thumb rule of any makeup routine is that you begin with clean, dirt-free skin. So always begin with gently cleansing and moisturizing your face. Now here is the most important question – What comes next?

  • The first makeup product you apply on your face is usually a primer. If you want your makeup to last long on your skin, a well applied primer is the secret. It is the only sure shot way to prevent your foundation from looking cakey. So evenly apply a generous layer of a primer, covering your eyes, before you get going with the next step.
  • Some people prefer using a concealer after a primer, but makeup experts advise applying foundation after the primer in your makeup routine. Foundation as you know sets an even base and these days, there a host of foundations available in the market providing different coverage levels as per your requirements.
  • Finally, you apply the concealer. Once you have foundation in place, you get a fair idea of what areas on your face require additional coverage. As the name suggests concealer is meant to conceal your blemishes, pigmented spots, and dark circles around your eyes. A concealer further smoothes the skin out and helps you get a flawless finish.

We hope we have been able to clear some of your doubts and hopefully these pointers will help you to take your makeup game up a notch the next time you decide to glam it up!


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