It’s not about the NBA alone: what basketball matches are worth following

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Almost every person across the globe, even the one whose interests are nowhere near basketball and sports in general, has heard about the NBA – the professional basketball league of the USA and Canada. The emblems and names of teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, and New York Knicks have long been famous brands not only in sports, but also in the media, and fashion. Millions of fans watch NBA tournaments every year, but not many suspect that there are other championships that are equally interesting to watch.

 NCAA: college league

It’s no secret that in American colleges and universities, physical fitness classes are more like a real training school. Students attend them for the sake of international achievements rather than grades in the school. The NCAA league occupies a special place when it comes to basketball in colleges and universities. First of all, this is where the new NBA stars emerge. This is a unique opportunity to observe the “incubator” for new international champions or Olympic medalists. Every game matters here. Even one lost match can result in a total withdrawal from the competition. That is why the guys give all their best at every match and it is very interesting to watch each game. The most critical point is the playoffs – March Madness.  Their outcomes affect the position of the team in the overall ranking.

Since this league is not a commercial one, the battles between rivals looks like a real tournament. There is no such thing that a player goes from one team to another, so the athletes play with true passion, madness, and a real desire to win at any cost. Yes, not every match will be interesting to watch, since players here are beginning professionals, and they do make mistakes due to lack of experience or shattered nerves. These matches will appeal to those who are interested not only in professional skills, but also excitement, emotions, and dynamics.


Although basketball originated in America, this does not mean that basketball cannot be played on other continents. The EuroLeague has gained immense popularity in Europe. Unlike the NBA, there are no world-famous stars, but here there is purest sport:

  • less control of the referees enables teams to keep leave the game as contact as possible, which spices it up;
  • since there are no famous athletes in the teams, the match does not turn into a sole performance of one actor, so you can enjoy a truly perfect team game;
  • the main way to earn points in the League is to fight hard under the backboard, rather than boring three-point field goals made from beyond the three-point line.

The main feature of the EuroLeague is the close mutual interaction between the team and the coach. Much attention is paid to attack systems, the balance of the game under the basket and long-range shots, as well as teamwork. Each team represents a different country, so the league can be compared to the Olympic Games. Since there are almost no leaders among the rivals, every match has an element of surprise. There are no high-profile scandals and fuss here, but a true fan has the opportunity to watch real sports, and not the show for the public or journalists, as sometimes happens in the NBA.

Super League

Moving from Europe closer to the East, you can come across the Super League. Some condemn it for terrible arrangements: poor quality of footage and almost complete absence of comments during the match. But if the game itself is important to you rather than the position of the camera, then Super League is a great option. In some ways, it resembles the EuroLeague, but within the framework of one country. Here you can meet such legendary teams as Spartak or Samara, as well as newcomers, such as Vostok-65. A total of 16 teams participate in the League. Like CAA, this championship is a platform to search for new stars of local and international basketball. After several successful seasons, the once unknown basketball players can be found in the squads of legendary teams.

China Championship

Asian countries also know how to play basketball and do it pretty well. Of course, the local championship in the Celestial Empire, which has become a destination of choice for former NBA stars, deserves special attention. While playing with local athletes, whose fitness level is not that high, the legends of the past did not manage to bring the competition to the international level, but this is exactly what makes it even more interesting. Here you can not only enjoy watching the idols but also follow the weird records. For example, huge game performance was achieved – 280 points for both teams.

Spanish League or Liga ACB

Among all European basketball competitions, the Spanish championship has a special place. It has been held for 60 years. The local basketball players play with passion, so all their games are spectacular. Little attention is paid to defense here, so matches are fast-paced and full of aggressive and fast attacks. Since athletes have the opportunity to show their skills the best they can, they are often selected to leagues of a higher level, for example, to the NBA. Most of the athletes and coaches are local. But as to the coaches, they do their best to keep their knowledge up-to-date and at a high level, so they often go to the NBA or European leagues for a new experience and implement it at home. That is why the Spanish Championship is interesting for fans from all over the world to watch: there are traditions of both America and Europe blended.

The NBA is a sports entertainment that has earned its big name and should not be missed. But this does not mean that you should not look at other leagues in-between stages. Depending on what you like more – fair play or show and scandals – you can choose the championship to your taste. Information about these and other basketball competitions can be found on dedicated portals such as Scores24. Team ratings and match results are updated daily. Follow the link to go to the basketball section.


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