4 Cocktails You Can Mix at a College Party

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Beer kegs are present in every movie that features a college party. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with choosing beer as the go-to drink. But why not spice things up with some cocktails?

Contrary to the popular belief, cocktails aren’t reserved for fancy, expensive parties only. They can be easy to make and relatively cheap, all while making your taste buds overload with exquisite flavors.

So, while your personal paper writer helps you with assignments, you can invest your newly free time in mixing up one of these 4 cocktails. They will juice up even the most boring party!

First Things First: 4 Tips for Making It Through a College Party

Whether it’s your first or tenth college party, some tips for surviving it with minimum damage remain relevant:

  • Take care of homework in advance. The night of the party surely won’t be a good time to think about homework. Luckily, you can just tell yourself, “I have someone to write an essay for me,” and be done with it. Make sure to free up the time not only for the event itself but for recovering from the hangover the day after.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Unless you want to wake up with a stomach ache in addition to the hangover, of course. And unless you want to get very drunk very fast. Your future self will be grateful if you eat dinner before the first glass of alcohol.
  • Come & go with the people you trust. College parties are crowded, and you rarely even know most of the crowd. If you have one or several friends with you, it means you have someone to rely on if you have one too many drinks.
  • Don’t dress to impress. There’ll be spilled drinks, someone puking, and maybe even a fight or two. You may also lose your balance and tear your favorite shirt – who wants that?

Ready? Here Are 4 Cocktails Everyone Will Love

Once you prepare the venue and take care of homework (or buy essay online at Essaypro), you have the make-it-or-break-it question to answer. What will you offer your fellow party-goers? Here are four cocktails that will spice up your alcohol game.

1. Jungle Juice

You’ll need:

  • Rum and vodka;
  • Lemonade;
  • Fruit punch;
  • Orange and cranberry juice;
  • Fresh oranges and strawberries.

This is the first thing that comes to some students’ minds when they hear “a cocktail for a big party”, and rightfully so. It’s fairly inexpensive to make while the mix of fruit flavors is something special (and it masks the taste of alcohol very well, too). Besides, Jungle Juice is perfect for crowds because you can easily prepare 2-5 gallons of it.

To get 2-2 ½ gallons of the Jungle Juice, start with a pound of fresh strawberries. Slice them in halves and lay them at the bottom of the punch bowl. Add a bottle of rum and a bottle of vodka (750 ml each), a gallon of lemonade, half a gallon of orange juice and same amount of fruit punch, and 16 ounces of cranberry juice. Slice the oranges and add them to the mix.

Ideally, you should let the mix sit overnight for the fresh fruits to soak in the alcohol. Then, eating these fruits will be akin to drinking shots!

2. Long Island Iced Tea

You’ll need:

  • Vodka;
  • Light rum;
  • Tequila;
  • Gin;
  • Lime juice;
  • Coke.

Also known as Cuba Libre, this cocktail probably won’t be as cheap to make as the Jungle Juice, but it’s definitely worth it. After all, Long Island Iced Tea is famous for its high alcohol concentration (so, proceed with caution!).

To prepare it, use equal parts of the two liquors, add the same amount of lime juice, and stir. Then, top it all up with some coke. Instead of the latter, you can opt for actual iced tea. It would probably be a better alternative for long parties – coke might go flat fast, so the cocktail will probably lose its appeal.

3. Screwdriver

You’ll need:

  • Orange juice;
  • Vodka.

It’s the simplest cocktail on the list, and that’s why it remains so popular. Mix one part of vodka with two parts of orange juice, and you’re golden! The orange juice flavor will hide the unpleasant bitterness of vodka, so be careful: it’s so easy to drink too much of it.

4. Mojito

You’ll need:

  • White rum;
  • Club soda;
  • Fresh mint;
  • Limes;
  • Sugar.

A perfectly refreshing drink even without alcohol, ]mojito is the right choice both for the hot summer days and for crowded parties. (You know how hot it can get inside a house full of people.)

To prepare it, start with a cup of mint leaves and as much sugar: muddle them in a pitcher or a bowl with a handle of a spatula. Then, add 8 quartered limes and muddle again. Add a bottle of rum (750 ml), stir, and pour in a bottle of club soda (1L). Remember to add ice to each serving.

3 Drinking Games to Make It More Interesting

Just mingling with people is fun, but there’s a way to make drinking itself more interesting. Here are three games to help you with that.

Beer Pong

This is an iconic drinking game for college parties. You’ll need a ping pong table (or a regular one), a ping pong ball, and 6 or 10 cups on each side forming a triangle.

If more than two people want to play, you can split into two groups and take turns. The task is to land the ball into one of the other person’s or team’s cups. If that happens, the opponent has to drink the cup’s contents.


This one is a fresher invention, but it quickly got popular among college students. The rules are simple: line up 12 cups and throw two dice in turns. The number on the dice will be the number of the cup the person has to drink up. If it’s empty, it’s up to the player to fill it up with however much alcohol they want.

Buffalo Club

It’s another classic game that is impossible not to add to the list. Its simplest variation has one rule: no one can hold their drinks in the right hand during the whole party. If someone yells ‘Buffalo Club!’ and you have a drink in your right hand, you have to down it. And if you do it while the cup or bottle is still in the right hand, you’ll have a penalty of one more drink to finish.


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