How to Use Décor to Create a Las Vegas Casino-Inspired Home

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Some 26% of the global population gamble or play at casinos. Do you like playing póker online and other gambling games, too? Are you a big fan of Las Vegas casinos or movies that show off Las Vegas casino life? Surround yourself with your interests by integrating them into your home.

Boross Örs will give you a list of home decoration tips to transform your home into a casino. If you’re interested in checking out his other works, click here.

7 Tips to Decorate Your House Like a Hollywood-Style Las Vegas Casino

Continue below for our list of home decoration tips to get a casino-themed home.

1. Play Casino More to Get Used to Its Décor

How will you know you’re doing the right thing if you haven’t seen how a real casino looks? Research before you commit to the job. It will provide more precise and new ideas, but it can give you inspiration, too.

Watching Hollywood movies as research is okay. It’s better if you can also join a legális online poker game. Playing póker online is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the typical themes while staying healthy, too.

2. Add a Casino-Inspired Bar to Your Living Room

Whether it’s alcohol, coffee, or water, drinking is an important part of living your life. Serving drinks to guests is also an essential step in being a hospitable host. There’s no better way for casino-loving homeowners to do this than to serve guests from a casino bar.

No casino is complete without a bar, so your casino-themed home must have one, too. You can buy the bar, repurpose a table, or DIY a bar yourself. Think about the design of the bar and how it’ll go with the rest of the home. Picturing your dream home is good practice, especially if you want to know how to kill time.

3. Buy Furniture With Casino-Themed Designs

If you can afford it, consider adding a pinball machine or a slot machine to your home. If you’re working on a budget, skip these things. If you’re renovating, replace your old furniture with furniture like you’d see in casinos.

For example, you get an oversized and relaxing couch with dice print on its cover. You can also buy a coffee table with elements of casino games on it. Or, look for ottomans that look like giant dice.

4. Decorate Your Walls in Casino Colors

Have you ever visited a physical casino before? If you have, think back to the gaming rooms and try to remember the color of their walls. If you haven’t, refer to your favorite casino movie. Now, based on these colors, pick one that will suit your walls at home.

Living in Hungary is friendlier to your finances, but that doesn’t mean you’re free from financial troubles. Are you renovating your dream home on a budget? If so, consider wallpaper instead if it’s more affordable.

5. Put Down a Carpet

Carpets are staple elements in grand casinos. Bring this splendor to your home, as well. Get a rug that most closely resembles carpets in casinos. You could even find a rug that features dice, a roulette, or other casino elements instead.

6. Reuse a Slot Machine as a Shelf or Cabinet

Go to the scrapyard or talk to a recently closed-down casino. Chances are they’ve got an old slot machine gathering dust somewhere. If the slot machine is still operational, you may consider putting it up in your living room for entertainment purposes.

If the old slot machine doesn’t work anymore, reuse it. Bring it home and turn it into a shelf or cabinet. You could even transform it into a bar if you want to. The task will need some creativity and labor from your side, but we promise it’ll be worth it.

7. Get Other Casino Elements to Bring the Room Together

Last but not least, get some knickknacks and add them to your home. Think about the lighting in casinos and try to copy it for your home. Create an ambiance with a chandelier and small corner lamps for ambiance lighting. Other casino elements you’d want to consider include:

●        Draping curtains

●        Print designs on couch cushions

●        Giant-sized cards as framed portraits; and more


You don’t need to go too deeply into home decoration to get a well-designed casino-styled home. Sometimes, it’s enough to use a more straightforward approach and gather only a few elements. Pick your favorites and vibe with the gambling spirit in your very own house.


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