8 Expert Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing

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With Instagram being one of the most popular social media sites, it’s an absolute must that you include Instagram in your business’ marketing scheme. Having and developing an Instagram account will help you take your business to new heights and interact with a new audience. In this article, we will provide you with all the best advice for making a stunning Instagram page.

  1. Use a business account

Creating a business account on Instagram is the first thing you need to do. All you have to do is click “Switch to a professional account” if you already have Instagram and follow the steps to finish setting up your profile. A business account will provide you with so many features, such as insights, ads, shopping, call-to-action button, and contact information.

  • Define your audience

Obviously, it is important to define the audience you will be targeting with your Instagram, along with defining the audience you have, you’ll also want to try to increase the audience and engagements on your Instagram. This can be done using the likes of this Insta comments app, or you could wait for your growth to be organic and a little slower. People who use Instagram tend to be millennials, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only people who are on the site. We’ll talk about engaging with your followers a little more later, but this is a great way to determine the factors that make up your page’s target audience. In addition, you can find out more about your followers’ location, age group, gender, etc. in Business Insights.

  • Post visually pleasing content

It goes without saying that great photos play a huge role in the success of your Instagram. Having well-lit, high quality photos is what will draw people to your page. You may also want to consider using a free image resizer to optimize your photos. Your photos should also be entertaining and something that will engage your followers. For example, you can include behind-the-scenes shots or short video clips.

  • Include great captions

A well-written, relevant caption under your posts will also do wonders for your Instagram’s visibility. This is where you will be able to inform your followers about different things in depth while also building a brand voice. The first two lines are what count the most because they are what people will see before having to click on “Read more,” and people are most likely to only actually read those two lines while skimming the rest. So, try to keep your post around 150 characters, making sure it is well-written, entertaining, and relevant to your content.

  • Add some hashtags

Hashtags are great, but only when used in moderation. Instagram lets you use 30 per post, for example, but you really shouldn’t be using that many. Somewhere between five and nine seems to be the sweet spot, but you also want to make sure that the hashtags are relevant. For example, spammy ones will catch people off guard and will make your site seem bot-like. Find hashtags that are relevant to your niche, and avoid ones such as “#like4like” and “#follow4follow.”

  • Engage with your followers

It’s extremely important to engage with your Instagram followers! You can post the best content in the world, but if you ignore your followers’ messages and never respond to their comments, it’s not going to do you well in terms of page marketing. Plus, this will let you learn more about who your followers are and allow them to get a sense that the person behind the business is a human and not a robot.

  • Don’t forget about stories

Stories are an underestimated tool when it comes to how much they can do for your business. In fact, the majority of businesses utilize stories in order to maximize content engagement and site views. In general, you can post anything in your stories that you might not include in a post. For example, you can include a call to action, tell a story, or give followers a link where they can learn valuable information (pages with more than 10k followers can include swipe-up links in their stories). Stories go away after 24 hours, but you can add the most important ones to a highlight on your page.

  • Find the right times to post content

You’ve probably noticed that people are more active at certain times throughout the day than others. For example, perhaps you’ve posted something at 9 AM before and it got almost no likes immediately, or you’ve posted something at around 8 PM and it reached 100 likes in nearly 30 minutes. This has a lot to do with Instagram’s algorithm and the fact that people use Instagram more at certain times each day. The best times to post will depend on your industry. The absolute best time to post on average is Wednesdays at 11 AM, or anywhere between 8-12 and 4-5 PM. However, those with travel sites may do better if they post on Fridays at 9 AM, or professionals should post on Tuesdays at 9 AM. In any case, be sure to do some research for your particular industry and set your posts to be published around those times.


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