5 tips to follow while feeding your rabbit

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Feeding rabbit isn’t a difficult thing but most people find issues with it. There are many misconceptions people have about the eating habits of rabbits. Most people think that rabbits only eat carrot or coriander leaves. But they do need other nutrients as well from other food sources. Here we are going to talk about a few of the tips that will help you to feed the rabbit properly. 

Focus on Pelleted feed

Rabbits do need more than carrots or hay. Hence it is important to choose other nutrient-rich food options such as pelleted feed. Rabbits do need a rounded diet that consists of various nutrients including protein, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. In that case, you can choose the commercially produced pelleted feed which would help to provide the basic nutrition to your rabbit. The pelleted feed comes in various formulas to meet the needs of various types of rabbits. Rabbit’s needs depend on various factors including age. The protein content of the pelleted feed varies between 12 to 18 percent. For adult and lactating ones, the required amount of protein ranges between 12 to 16 percent. Make sure to pay attention to fiber percentage as well as rabbits get benefits from the fiber content. It is advised to choose the feed that consists of a fiber of around 18percent. Now the question is how much-pelleted feed you should give to your rabbit. It is advised to serve around 1 ounce of pellet per pound as per the bodyweight of your rabbit. You can get various options in pelleted feed at PetStock Australia.

Start with Grass

Never underestimate the importance of green hay in your rabbit’s diet. Most of the rabbit owners tend to give less importance to hay than the pelleted feed or other food items. But hay is always considered an important element in a rabbit’s diet. Hay generally provides a good amount of fiber which helps to keep gastrointestinal issues away. Apart from this it also helps to keep the gut flora healthy. Rabbits generally love to chew and hence hay provides a good opportunity to enjoy this activity. Most people get confused between grass hay and alfalfa. Both of them have their advantages and own preferences. You can give the rabbit both the options and then let it decide which one he likes. It is also important to look for the quality of grass hay. Make sure to choose the best one. Avoid moldy, dusty, or excessively weedy grass hay. Choose the sweet-smelling hay which has a nice greenish color.

Focus on water

Water is considered one of the most important elements in your rabbit’s diet. Your rabbit needs fresh water all the time during feeding time. Make sure the rabbit gets clean and fresh water all the time in a day. Rabbits can suspect the water change. Hence if you are traveling anywhere and not sure about the quality of the water then make sure to carry a bottle along with you.

Think about carrots

We have seen people feeding carrots to the rabbits. There is a misconception that rabbits eat the only carrot. Hence most of the people try to stuff only carrots to the rabbit which is not correct. Make sure to feed small amounts of any kind of fruits or vegetables to your rabbit. Try to consider these as treats and make sure to feed them in moderation. Apart from carrots rabbits do enjoy apples, strawberries, pears, etc. Try to incorporate these food items slowly into your rabbit’s diet till the time he gets accustomed to the changes. Remember not to feed lettuce to the rabbit as their digestive system does not tolerate it. It is okay to skip the vegetables and fruits for the rabbits with the age of more than 6 months due to the risk of gastrointestinal issues.

Focus on greens `

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also serve green leafy vegetables to your bunny. But make sure the greens that you choose should be fresh and handpicked. Avoid feeding the greens to the rabbits which are less than 6 months old. Most of the rabbits tend to have a predictable schedule and they learn the routines quickly. Make sure to set the routine and try to stick to it.


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