7 Different Types of Underwear for Men

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Are you tired of shopping for the same underwear every time? Bored of looking through the same boring underwear and ending up buying the same?

If these things are happening to you, this article is strictly for you! Since traditional times, inner clothing focus is primarily on women’s wear, overlooking men’s fashion. Well, good news for you! This article strictly focuses on the different types of daily jocks for men. Here, we’ve tried to cover the most fashionable underwear for the men, which you’re going to love! Let’s get going!


Starting from the very basics, these briefs are the go-to underwear for every man. These can be found easily in your closet. That’s the reason why we need to discuss these at least once. These complement almost all of the outfits and are very common.

But, they expose the thigh and the legs beneath them.

These come in different rises. Low rise briefs give you point coverage just above your package, while mid-rise contains a waistband that sits on your waist. High waist trousers suit best with high rise briefs. They can be bought from any general clothing store. Yes, they’re that common!


These are specifically adored by the men who want breathable comfort down there. These are also known for their night comfort as they are loose and worn easily over pajamas, thus giving you great nights. Made from fabric like cotton, these cover your mid-thighs and are perfect for work-from-home meetings (make sure you don’t have to stand up, though!).

Nowadays, printed loose boxers are also in range. These have various designs and even cartoons for the child inside you! Go ahead, feel the comfort, and have an excellent day.


Similar to briefs, they are preferred for swimming activities. The leg area covered by these is even shorter. Comfort comes with a revealing tight fabric. If you want to try something new, you can go for this!

First introduced by Calvin Klein, these provide just enough coverage but full support. If you’re going for sexy vibes whilst not seeming too intense, you can use this.


Bikini! This word must have left you wondering about women. But, these are made for men also! They have narrow fabric strips with a high cut in the legs. These are normally made without appearing on flyers.

More often, these are a part of the uniform for bodybuilders. They are designed for display rather than activity. To get the best deal, check out the online stores.

Long Underwear

‘Long Johns’ being the other name, this is a one-piece innerwear, usually used in winters as thermal wear. Usually, a thermal vest accompanies them to fight cold in western countries. These are very popular among the outside workers. Warming the legs and being easy to wear are its key features.

John L. Sullivan wore these underwear for the first time in public.


Often recognized as an ‘Athletic Supporter,’ this completely protects your private area. The only limitation is that it lacks the fabric from the backside. This posing pouch uplifts the package and moves it away from the body, which provides a relaxed body during physical activities resulting from breaking a sweat.

Players tend to wear these inside their sports outfits for comfort. They allow the sweat to evaporate off, hence, providing a cooler experience. Due to evolving fashion, these come in various sizes, colors, and designs. If you want to feel sexy even under your pants, jockstraps are the way to go!


Yes, thongs are not limited to female innerwear, and men can wear them too! Rather than providing coverage to your area, these are used for fashion purposes. If ‘going commando’ is not your thing, then you can easily wear them as they are the bare minimum. Wearing these, you don’t have to worry about the lining, as there won’t be any excess cloth. If you are a minimalist, then these pieces of minimum coverage are perfect for you! Shop ’em!

Choosing the right clothes is not feminine or gay as per common perception. You’ve every right to explore your body and wear the clothes which make you confident. Explore and experiment with clothes to find just the right one. After all, only you know what’s best for you!


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