How Top Real Estate Agents Market Your House

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Everyone wants to sell their home for as much as they can, and top real estate agents use specific marketing techniques to fetch top dollar. From taking high-quality photographs to sending out property-for-sale postcards, your agent has many tools to get your home sold for the best price.

Virtual Tours

There was a time when virtual tours were only applied to $1 million luxury homes. But today, many real estate agents create virtual tours of all their listings so prospective buyers can check out properties on their smartphone.

Surveys show that buyers like virtual tours because they let you see the details of a property without having to travel there. A high-quality virtual tour takes the prospect through every room. Then, depending on the company your agent chooses, the tour might include on-site sounds, music, or even a detailed property description that runs across the screen.

Make Short Videos For Social Media

Many homes are bought and sold today with the help of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Your agent can make short, one-minute videos that exhibit the best features of your property.

For example, if you have a beautiful pool and patio, you might shoot a brief video that shows the pool in the evening when it’s illuminated by pool lights. People who love to relax in the backyard and entertain will be drawn to the view and are more likely to come and tour the home in person.

Improve Curb Appeal

Your real estate agent will take many photos of the property, but before he or she does that, the agent will likely ask you to do a number of small things to enhance curb appeal. Some of the touch-ups you can perform to make your home more appealing without having to spend a lot might include:

  • Put a new coat of paint on the front door
  • Plant fresh flowers
  • Clear windows and eaves of spiderwebs
  • Repair the mailbox and light fixtures on the front of the home
  • Trim the shrubs and lawn

Market on Their Website

Almost all real estate brokers have websites, but not every agent does. You should choose a real estate agent who has a professional-looking website with a high Google ranking and simple navigation.

Agents who have websites with many visitors naturally get more prospects to tour their listings in person. Some of the features to look for in your agent’s website are a simple home-search tool, fast download time, and smartphone compatibility.

Your agent can attract more traffic to the site by writing a real estate blog that appeals to home buyers and sellers. If the agent does that, visitors find helpful information on the site and they’re more likely to come back and see the homes the agent offers for sale.

Hire a Photographer

Photographs can make or break a listing. You could have the greatest house in the neighborhood, but it may not sell right away if the photos are poor.

Your agent should hire a professional photographer to get the best possible shots of your home.  Your property will sell faster and at a better price if your agent invests time and money into getting fantastic pictures.

Send Out Newsletters

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways for agents to communicate with clients. Your real estate agent should send out a weekly or monthly newsletter that talks about current listings, upcoming open houses, and tips for buyers and sellers.

When agents provide their clients with helpful information, they will be more likely to look at the listings. Newsletters are a great way to do this.

Effective marketing is how to get your home sold fast and at the best price. If your real estate agent uses the strategies described above, you’re sure to get your home sold soon!


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