Legalization of Online Casinos in the World: Differences, Problems, and More

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Legalizing online gambling is pretty complex, and the countries where online casinos and gambling are running also face tight circumstances. It is because there are always loopholes for criminals, money launderers, and operators.

However, when it comes to the status of legislation, the two crucial points include that gambling is a highly profitable industry and that the risks associated with problematic gambling behavior are accurate. Therefore, government regulators are constantly trying to balance benefiting from a good source of tax and protecting TTP Forum citizens who gamble.


The gambling business in Ukraine has been banned since 2009. However, on August 13, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a law to lift this ban. First of all, the legalization of the gambling business is associated with the need to reduce the shadow business and increase budget revenues. Previously, Ukraine was the only European country with a complete ban on gambling, so many underground establishments operated.

The Ministry of Finance predicts that the legalization of betting and gambling will bring up to 9 billion hryvnias to the treasury. Moreover, in 2021, it is expected to receive at least 7.5 billion hryvnia due to the massive opening of virtual casinos.

The legalization of gambling will lead to the development of the hotel business. It is not only about additional income from a new line of business. Profit will be increased by hotel residents who will visit the casino and use other services. In addition to increasing the flow of tourists in hotels, experts predict the creation of many jobs. These are casino employees, croupiers, waitresses of gambling zones, security, etc.

So the leading prospects for the legalization of gambling in Ukraine are:

  • reduction in the share of shadow business;
  • opening of jobs: croupier, security, gambling zone waiters, etc.;
  • development of tourism by opening gambling zones on the territory of the hotel;
  • a significant inflow of funds to the treasury, which will be directed to the development of medicine and other essential industries;
  • control of the regulator over the observance of all requirements by gambling establishments, including not allowing persons under 21 years of age to play.


In the US, the legality of online gambling is debated and may vary from state to state declare. The 2006 Anti-Illegal Internet Gambling Act (UIGEA) restricts the ability of banks and payment processors to transact online gambling sites that are illegal under any federal or state law. However, it does not define the legality or otherwise of a gambling site on the Internet. It is generally accepted that the Federal Law on Fundsprohibits all forms of online gambling. However, in December 2011, the US Department of Justice issued a statement clarifying that the Wiring Act applies only to sports betting sites and not to online casinos, poker or lottery sites, leaving the definition of legality to the discretion of individual states. Some states, such as Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, have begun legalizing and regulating online gambling, and regulation is expected to continue from state to state.


Even though Japan has some strict gambling laws, but the problem is countered very cleverly, where instead of money through the games such as Starscape slot and other rolling reels, the winners are given souvenirs which later they can exchange for cash. This smart strategy does not make them criminals for breaking the gambling law, and at the same time, people can win money out of it.

However, the problem of gambling addiction in Japan is now more relevant than ever, given that legalizing gambling is being considered at the state level. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Support, today, the number of pathological gamblers among Japanese citizens – 5.36 million, 4.24% of the country’s population. These numbers were obtained from a survey of 4,000 randomly selected Japanese adults in July 2014. Some crucial aspects of gambling prevalent in today’s Japan include:

  • No ban on Google advertisements for the promotion of online casinos
  • There are 200 internet-based gambling houses.
  • Promotions for the casinos are not prohibited.


The ban on gambling in 1946 is associated with the wife of the sixteenth president of Brazil, Eurica Gaspar Dutra, who insisted on a complete prohibition on all modifications of gambling in the country. However, in 2001, gambling houses were allowed, and the annual contribution to the treasury amounted to 61 million reais. The permit was valid until 2004. At present, after 70 years of banning, the issue of legalizing gambling is actively discussed again. Opponents and supporters of legalization argue their positions with both moral and ethical and economic considerations.

Officially, only from the sale of lottery tickets Lotex of one of the largest banks in Brazil, Caixa, about three billion reais have been budgeted for the current year. At the same time, representatives of the Ministry of Finance are relatively restrained in their assessments of the expected income from the legalization of gambling. Independent experts call the amount of seven billion reais in 2017 alone, excluding the revenue from the Lottery Lottery. More optimistic experts call the amount of 30 billion per year. The Arrecada Brasil movement, advocating the legalization of gambling, predicts that the budget will receive about 37 billion reais annually if the ban is lifted.

How Much Will the Illegal Gambling Business Lose?

At the moment, according to estimates of government experts, about 20 billion reais are involved in the illegal gambling business. At the same time, the underground lottery zhogu-do-bisu has an annual turnover of 12 billion. In the country, the number of points of sale of the underground lottery is estimated at 350 thousand. The network of legal lottery kiosks, for comparison, is represented by 13 thousand points.

What Does the Supreme Court Say?

The Supreme Court has passed more than a thousand decisions concerning the gambling business. According to statistics, the most widespread crime related to gambling is smuggling, creation of criminal organizations, and money laundering. In addition, crimes such as theft, counterfeiting, corruption schemes involving political and public figures, drug trafficking, tax evasion, participation in criminal gangs, regular payment of informants to the police announcing planned raids are associated with gambling.

Currently, gambling sites are not regulated by Brazilian law. As a result, the network freely opens and works resources offering to bet. Sports betting is especially popular. Of the 700 or so sites, about 10% are in Portuguese and offer to bet on Brazilian sports championships. According to preliminary estimates, the introduction of state control over online bookmakers could bring the treasury about three billion reais a year if they were located in the Brazilian segment of the network.

Gambling Giant Association

At the same time, these countries seriously rely on the gambling regulation authorities, which overlook the fair and smooth money play. So, the following table gives some brief information:

JurisdictionLocationFounded in
Alderney Gambling CommissionBritish Channel2000
Antigua and BarbudaCaribbean Sea1982
Costa Rica Central America1999
Gibraltar Below Spain1998
MGAMediterranean Sea1996
Kahnawake Gambling CommissionQuebec, Canada1996
Isle Of ManIrish Sea2001

Concluding Thoughts

Even though online gambling is a famous market worldwide, and even in countries where casinos are not allowed one way or the other, online casinos are in action via VPNs, and players can play Vacation Station Deluxe slot and other variations. At the same time, many states are considering the profitable revenue out of this venture and its impactful results on the economy.


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