Looking for a Flight School? You Ought to Know These Factors!

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Flying is one of the most sought-after careers today. You could be an aspiring pilot too, though with several questions on selecting the right sector in aviation and about your flight training school.

Worry not; this article is for you.

We have discussed five factors to keep in mind while selecting a flight school. Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision to start your aviation career.

So, take a look!

Cost Structure

Learning to fly is expensive, and therefore, you should choose a school that provides a clear end-to-end cost structure. On the very first day of your joining, you should know everything relating to the costs.

There should be no hidden charges or costs. Perhaps, it helps you to plan your finances better. The flying school you choose should provide you with a proper fee structure. Be it one-time charges or a monthly installment.

Also, keep in mind to check the taxes and other expenses.

In the US, an average flying school will charge between $155 to $170 per hour.

Reputation and Faculty

The flight school you choose should be a reputed one. After all, it involves a lot of risks. Also, the instructors should be well trained. For example, you can find young instructors, but learning from them shouldn’t be an issue if they have several flight hours under their belt.

Instead of looking at the age, try to look at the flight hours of the training school. Hillsboro Aero Academy can be a good option as its trainers are experienced, and it boasts a diverse fleet of training aircraft.

But the point to consider here is, will they be available throughout your training? Or they might leave half away to join an airline. So, be clear with that.

Also, make sure all the staff and trainers are professional. You can also check out their alumni and ask for honest feedback.

Aircraft availability and Equipment

Before finalizing the admission to a flight school, check out the aircraft availability. Also, note down and look into the types and number of training aircraft. The more, the better because you can increase your flying hours quickly.

Also, be clear with your requirements. For example, particular flying schools cater to a specific audience like helicopter pilots, commercial or private, etc. So, choose the one that caters to your need.


Safety is the most crucial aspect of flying. And while choosing one, you must go through the track record of the flying school. Make sure that the equipment they are using is up to date. Furthermore, it should be adequately maintained.

Do some research online, read reviews and feedback. And if any information comes up against their safety records, it would be best if you think twice before joining it.

You will find some flying schools cheaper than the industry standards. Try avoiding them if possible.


Your flying school must have a proper curriculum that they follow. Be sure to check the syllabus and requirements before joining one. The curriculum should align with the needs of your pilot certification.

Make sure they are not following an outdated syllabus. If they are reluctant to show you the syllabus, consider canceling your plans for that school; otherwise you may end up wasting a lot of money and time.

There are usually two types of flight schools. First, have an FAA-approved program (called Part 141) and ones that for some reason don’t (called Part 61). Both are fine. But try to be clear about the benefits and demerits of both.

Few other points to keep in mind are:

  • Location of the school
  • Why the one you choose over the others?
  • Contractual agreements

Final Word

Selecting a good pilot training school and practicing to fly under a mentor’s supervision is essential to becoming a certified pilot. The school you pick should be worth your time and money.

Make sure you follow the tips mentioned in this article and make an informed decision.


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