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6 Of The Most Luxurious Homes For Sale In Lakeland, FL Currently On The Market!

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When you are looking for a luxury home in Lakeland, you are in luck. There are great options available. You may wonder why you should move to Lakeland and what it can offer you; you will be very pleasantly taken aback to find that you have the best in the historic district as well as incredible options for shopping and entertainment. If you love the water and want to make it a part of your daily life, this is a great option as well. Boating, watersports, and luxury outings await you at every turn. Additionally, you are close to areas with the best options for highly rated attractions.

Otoniel Loop W Lakeland Is Multi-Generational

Suppose you are looking for a multi-generational home located between the beautiful area of Tampa and the area of Orlando. The houses here have a five-acre homestead and have plenty of space for families, couples, and retirees. The site is near upper scale dining as well as historic architecture. The homes here have five bedrooms, three with their private bathrooms and a full kitchen.

Going for the price of eight hundred and sixty thousand dollars, you have a home that is a simple ride away from the nearest and dearest attractions that make people flock to Florida. That makes this house great for anyone.

Bellerive Dr. Has Homes For Sale In Lakeland FL

When looking for homes for sale in Lakeland, FL, you should check out Bellerive Drive. It has a waterfront property with four bedrooms and three and a half baths. You will also have golf courses nearby and porches on both levels of your home with functional dining areas. If you are a fan of true decadence, you will love the jetted tubs and relaxing shower system. With a staffed gate every day, you can know that you are safe every day. The home will set you back one point three million dollars, but you can’t go wrong here when you want a fabulous home that allows for a great living experience.

Evans Ranch Road Is Country Living At His Finest

Do you want to have a cute country lifestyle, but with every modern convenience, you can think of? Come to Evans Ranch Road, and you will find a six-bedroom, four-bathroom house with an additional half bath, over fifty-five hundred square feet, and a fantastic pool. The best part? The lot is over one hundred and thirteen thousand square feet in total. You have enough land to do whatever it is that you want.

You will also notice Cathedral ceilings and a kitchen that has been stocked with everything you would need to host hundreds of formal gatherings. The outside area is just as lovely. You have a deck for small groups and a half bath just for the pool area. Recently resurfaced, the pool is one of the home’s loveliest areas to relax. Costing two million dollars, this is a home that was made to be owned.

Cleveland Heights Blvd Offers Old World Charm

Considered a diamond in the center of the town, your home here is deemed to be iconic, even legendary. You have covered porches, a lovely gazebo and tennis court, a guest house, and a garden. The inside is just as impressive, with hardwood and a fantastic view of the courtyard.  You will also have an office with a full bathroom and sunroom to work from home and relax afterward. Another benefit? You have mango trees to provide sweet fruit when you are relaxing outside. At one point three million dollars, this house is perfect for feeling like you are on vacation all year round.

Old Medulla Road Will Offer Peaceful Nights

Come to South Lakeland, and you will find this little gem. You have four bedrooms and bathrooms, an office, a family room, and a lovely kitchen. You will find that you have an excellent area for spending time with your family, a saltwater heated pool, and you also have a summer kitchen. This home is the best option for spending time outdoors and having fun. The house is also beautifully done with wooden cabinetry and an oversized island that offers great space. For just one million dollars, this is a fantastic option if you want luxury and decadence.

Whisper Woods Drive Has The Glamour You Need

When you are looking for an excellent home for entertaining both inside and outside, this is the home for you. You have a private pool with landscaping as well as custom millwork. You have an indoor and outdoor kitchen and a game room. You have hardwood flooring, a formal living room, and a dining room. The lanai is great for dining outdoors, having a great meal with family and friends, and having a screened pool.

The inside has tall double entry doors, spacious bedrooms, and extra storage to provide your family with everything you need. You also benefit from additional storage, a beautiful lawn, and the luxury of having a home that is made for the best living experiences possible. This is the cheapest house on the list at seven hundred and sixty thousand, but it is just as lovely as the others and has amenities that your entire family can enjoy.

Come And See What Lakeland Has To Offer

Lakeland has so many things to offer people. The houses are beautiful, show the best of the best, and most are close to all the attractions that make people come to Florida. Being able to have options for fun and dining and shopping and lightness make it possible to give your family a great life.

However, the best part is that the houses offer different styles, add-ons, and amenities that you can’t find anywhere else. You get large bedrooms, walk-in closets, and pool areas that are the best for outdoor entertainment and relaxing whenever you please. Using the tips we’ve shown above, you can find the best house for you.


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