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A Brand-New Living Room Set for a Brand-New You

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If you’re shopping for a brand new living room suit, you may be feeling a little stressed. After all, you’ve heard how expensive it is to buy new furniture, and your family is on a tight budget. You may think that you’re only available recourse is to settle for subpar pieces that won’t satisfy your family’s needs because you believe that you simply cannot afford anything better. Well, we’re here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth when you shop 1StopBedrooms. Source: https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/living/living-room-furniture/living-room-sets to order living room set.

You may be surprised to see so many options available at such an affordable price point, while simultaneously feeling a little overwhelmed at the number of selections. That’s okay. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for exactly, it can help to ask yourself a few questions about your personal style. After all, the world of interior design offers seemingly countless themes to help provide a template for what kind of pieces you will use when you’re decorating your home.

Perhaps you like to keep things simple, without a lot of knick knacks or too much use of color. That sounds like you tend toward minimalist designs, so you may look for pieces with straightforward shapes and simple woodwork that include fabrics in muted tones—such as whites, grays and beiges. If you’re on the opposite end of this spectrum and like a little more opulence, you may have a more classical style and would prefer pieces with intricately carved wooden frames and embroidered fabrics. The possibilities are endless!

When deciding on what style works for you and your family, you may be considering soliciting the assistance of an interior designer—a word of advice: don’t. Interior designers are notoriously expensive and total divas. They will charge a high consultation fee just to get the ball rolling. Typically, they either sell their own pieces or receive kickbacks from brands on sales—so they’ll try to coerce you into making a purchase that will not only earn them extra money, but look good on their portfolio. The last thing they care about is designing a space that you’ll love.

If you’re shopping in store, you may consider taking advice from the so-called experts that work there—in fact, as soon as you walk in the door, you’ll be bombarded with this advice. These employees have no background whatsoever in interior decorating. They are expert salesmen who are looking to earn a commission on your purchase and will steer you in whichever direction they believe meets that goal. They are capable of selling water to a fish. If you walk in looking for a living room suit and they think they can earn a bigger commission if they steer you in another direction, there’s a chance you’ll walk away with a dining room suit because some salesman used manipulation to take advantage of you.

When you shop 1StopBedrooms, you never have to compromise again. Without the stocking issues of in store, you’ll have thousand of selections to choose from. If you need a little bit of help deciding what you’re looking for, there are commission-free designers ready and waiting to assist you in your purchase. Their only mission is to uphold 1Sb’s gold standard of integrity and customer satisfaction within the industry and community of loyal customers.

You will also enjoy the many benefits of shopping directly from the manufacturer—the biggest one being the low toll it’ll take on your wallet with 1Sb’s low-price guarantee. Bigger retailers charge insane premiums to cover their overhead costs. At 1Stop, there’s none of that extra nonsense—you’re paying for value, not some guy’s commission or a fancy presentation. And with financing available, you don’t have to wait to make your purchase just because you don’t want to pay in full today.

Another thing you can be sure of is quality. 1StopBedrooms prides itself in stocking the best pieces from the best brands so everything that you buy has the durability to last a lifetime, as well as the craftsmanship to elevate the aesthetic of every room in the house. If you want your next purchase to be your last, there’s no reason that you can’t picture yourself cozying in the brand new living room filled with furniture that you bought from 1Stop decades from now with your grandkids. 

They say that perception is reality. Crafting an environment that is relaxed and tranquil can go a long way toward cultivating a sense of peace and harmony within the home—which, in turn, trickles outside the home and into every corner of your life. Purchasing a new living room set can help polish the rough edges of your home life and transform not only the look, style, and functionality of your space, but also the way you feel about yourself and your home.


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