3 of the most common preventative services you can have done at a dentist in Austin, Texas

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If you’re thinking of getting some preventative measures done on your smile at a dentist in Austin, Texas, we don’t bake you! This is the best way you can keep your smile healthy, your gums healthy, and your smile white and bright! After all, your smile is one of the first things people see about you when you make a first impression – if you have a white and straight smile, you are going to make a great impression on your new friend!

Let’s see some of the most common preventative services that you should look at when you go to a dentist in Austin, Texas!

3 common preventative dental procedures done at a dentist in Austin, Texas

First off – what is preventative care when it comes to dentistry? Why do you need prevention? Simply put, preventative dental services can help you avoid any long-term issues that can creep up over time from lack of care to your mouth, helping with your oral hygiene and appearance in the future. Some of the most common procedures when it comes to preventative dental services include exams, photos, instructions, fluoride help, sealants, cleanings, X-rays, and pictures of your mouth.

The whole purpose of using the dentist Austin, Texas is to help get rid of any issues before they even arise – when compared to cosmetic procedures, preventative procedures are more health-oriented, but not 100% necessary, when compared to corrective dentistry, preventive dentistry is simply the process of getting rid of issues before they even occur. 

Teeth cleaning

One of the most common preventative measures that you can have done at a dentist in Austin, Texas is teeth cleaning. The purpose of using teeth cleaning is to get rid of any plaque build-up, prevent cavities from forming in your mouth, get rid of any discoloration, and avoid anything from hurting the enamel of your teeth. 

X-rays and photos

The second type of preventative care that you can have at the dentist in Austin, Texas is pictures and X-rays of your mouth. The purpose of using this type of service is so you can identify any issues before they get any worse. X-rays in your mouth can tell if you have any cavities, structural deformities, or concerns regarding the enamel of your teeth that may need to be fixed by using sealants and crowns. By taking photos of your mouth, the dentist can get a more complete picture of the internal bones and structure of your mouth that they cannot see with their naked eye. 


The last type of preventative service that you can have done at a dentist in Austin, Texas is instructional techniques on how to best floss and clean your teeth. If you are not 100% sure the best way to brush your teeth to avoid cavities or use floss to get any gum disease, then the dentist can teach you the best way to take care of your teeth for long-term health. 


If you’re going to find the best dentist in Austin, Texas to help you with teeth cleaning, photos of your mouth, and instructions on how best to care for your teeth, then you have come to the right place. By finding a dentist who can focus on preventative procedures, you can avoid any issues with your teeth from worsening over time.


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