Did your pet track mud through your house? Get mud out of your carpets by using carpet cleaning near me!

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No matter how much you love your four-legged family member, it can get pretty frustrating when you bring your pup in from a walk during a rainy day and they track mud all over your favorite rug.

While it may sometimes feel as though there is very little that you can do to fix the stains, there is actually quite a lot that can be done to get rid of those mud stains and leave your carpet looking as good as new!

So, whether you are searching the internet for how to do your carpet by hand or four “carpet cleaning near me,” we have got you covered!

Here is how you can clean your carpet on your own as well as a few reasons why you may want to end up letting the pros do the job.

How to get rid of mud stains

When it comes to getting mud stains off of your carpet, there are six general steps that you should follow to try to do the job as best as you can on your own. Those six steps are:

  1. You should first let the mud try up completely and then take your vacuum and suck up as much of the mud as possible. While this will certainly not deal with the issue completely, it will make it much easier to clean going forward.
  2. Up next, you are going to want to mix two cups of warm water with one tablespoon of your liquid dishwashing detergent.
  3. From there, use a clean white cloth and sponge the stain with the detergent solution, making sure not to press down too firmly which could make the mud set even more.
  4. After that, you will simply continue to blot away at the stain, making sure that the towel you are using remains clean and is not simply spreading the mud around.
  5. Now you just have to continue doing the last two steps over and over until you see the stain diminish and disappear. Typically you should know how well this is working after three to four tries.
  6. Finally, you will want to sponge the area with cold water then blot dry.

Why depend on the pros

Now that you know how to do it on your own, you may be wondering why it is worth it at all to depend on the pros! Turns out there are a few good reasons why.

  1. They will use the best products for your carpet. Depending on what material your carpet is made of, pros will be able to determine what kinds of solutions will both clean your carpet and leave it safe.
  2. They will clean the entire carpet to make sure all the colors match. This means you won’t just be getting the stains out, but you will also be getting a carpet that is almost new all over again.
  3. The final reason to consider going with a pro is because they will be able to offer you insurance if the carpet is damaged beyond repair. If you damage your rug, you’ll be left with 100 percent of the bill!

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