Signs that You Need a New Sprinkler System in Toronto

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If you live in Toronto, you need to worry about more than just snow and ice removal during the winter months. When summer finally arrives, there’s another natural hazard that requires your attention: heatwaves.

When it gets hot, humidity and air conditioning can wreak havoc on your home and its systems. High humidity can encourage mold and mildew growth. It can even cause structural damage that requires repairs and rehabilitation.

A sprinkler system can help reduce the risk of heat-related problems. To find out if you need new sprinkler systems in Toronto, look for these signs:

Your old sprinklers are starting to annoy you.

When was the last time you got your sprinkler systems serviced? If it’s been more than six months, you should consider adding new sprinkler heads. You might even want to replace your entire system.

Your sprinkler heads don’t spray water evenly anymore.

Spray heads that don’t disperse water properly can waste a lot of water. They can also cause problems in your yard, leading to unsightly puddles.

To avoid that, make sure you test your sprinklers regularly. Hire a contractor to conduct a full service and plug any leaks.

You are having allergies or hay fever.

The pollen from trees, grasses, and flowers can make an impact on the health of your family. When it’s hot, you need to stay indoors to avoid allergy attacks and hay fever.

Install a sprinkler system to add a natural air filtration system to your home. The mist from the sprinklers will cool your property, and it will kill pollen and dust mites.

You think your lawn needs an overhaul.

All that heat is causing some damage to your grass and lawn. There’s nothing wrong with having a new lawn sprinkler installed. It will help reduce water usage and lower utility bills. If you’re looking to make a change now, now might be the time.

The watering schedule is getting out of hand.

It’s up to you to decide when and how you water your grass and plants. If it’s getting to be too much, you might want to consider investing in a sprinkler system. It will save water, time, and money for everyone in the family.

Your outdoor plants are getting sick.

It’s no secret that many plants live longer when they get enough water. You can protect them from the hot and wet weather and keep everything healthy and happy! If you notice any changes in your peonies or other plantings, it might be time to invest in a new sprinkler system.

You see lots of flies and mosquitoes.

Did you know that mosquitoes go dormant during the winter? They don’t start to reappear until the temperature reaches 50 degrees. Invest in a sprinkler system to keep them at bay and prevent mosquito-borne illnesses.

If you can see any of these signs, then you must find a lawn sprinkler provider soon. They can help you choose the best sprinkler system for your needs and budget.

Do you want to know how much all this might cost? Licensed professionals can assist you with that. Some people try to install sprinkler systems themselves. But, they often end up damaging the pump, the pipes, and the sprinklers.

A knowledgeable technician can repair or replace all these damaged parts. They are also capable of identifying which sprinkler parts are faulty.


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