How To Pass The Test Successfully

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Multiple-choice tests always seem easy but when you actually start to do them, which option to choose?The third one seems correct, or maybe the second? No the first one is correct! Thinking about all the possibilities make students anxious and they may choose the wrong answers even for the tests they know for sure. That’s why we decided to shares the most relevant tips – do not hesitate to use them while taking an important test.

Don’t Rush

As soon as the test sheet is on your desk, do not start frantically reviewing the questions and try to solve them one by one. Instead, take a deep breath and take a few minutes to calmly review the entire test. This way you will understand what it is about in general (and this is almost half the case). And you will be able to answer easy questions, in the correctness of which you are one hundred percent sure.

This preview helps to “program” the brain for specific details that will occur in this particular test. Why is it useful? You automatically start thinking about difficult questions that you have already noticed and remembered.

Sometimes questions in multiple-choice tests have details, hints, and sometimes even complete answers. For example, one of the tests asks: the death of which American president forced Napoleon to declare 10 days of mourning? Options – Washington, Jefferson, Yoda, and Adams. Of course, we immediately reject Yoda, but what to do next? Skip this question, keep taking the test, and you may come across a truth/falsehood task that sounds like this: is it true that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams turned from enemies into friends, and kept their friendship until the deaths of both in 1826? If you know that they died that year, and Napoleon five years before, in 1821, you can easily calculate that the answer to the previous question will be George Washington.

However, such surprises do not happen as often as we would like, so don’t spend a lot of time playing detective games – it is better to prepare well in advance. And in case the preparation will take too much time and you would not manage to complete other assignments on time, you could use the paper writing service MasterPapers to help you with it.

Activate The Subconscious

The name of this technique came from Barbara Oakley’s book A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra). What is its essence? Do not be afraid of difficulties. If you see a difficult task – take it and think seriously for a few minutes. If you are still stuck at one point, move on to the next one. At the same time, on a subconscious level, you will continue to solve it and, if you return to the question a little later, the chances of giving the right answer will increase significantly.

The point is this: if you spend some time thinking about a complex problem, the brain is activated and goes into focus mode. And if you spend all your focus mojo on the test and feel like there is no left for your assignments in handy may be service MasterPapers, professionals there can create any time of an essay.

Once Is Good And Twice Is Better

It’s very simple: do not be lazy to read each question twice. This is very important because multiple-choice questions can be tricky: you see a limited number of answers and often can’t resist the temptation to choose the option that seems most acceptable at once. However, the professors who create the tests are not stupid, so be careful not to fall into the trap.

For example, one of the test questions asks you to determine “which of the options is not X, Y or Z”. If you inattentively read the task (and only once!), you can skip this insidious “no” and give the wrong answer. Learn to be attentive in sch matter.

Some questions may have several correct options, and you need to determine which one is the “most correct”. The same category includes tasks such as “all listed options are correct” or “all listed options are incorrect”. Again: do not rush, do not forget to re-read the task twice, and make sure: you really understand what is required of you.

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This is a very simple and effective strategy. As soon as you finish the task page and are going to move on to the next one – don’t be lazy to double-check the answers. You don’t have to put this off until the end of the test: if you break it down into pages, you’ll have to check only 5-10 questions, not all at once. Therefore, there will be no need to hurry and be horrified by the huge number of items awaiting inspection. And the most pleasant: the chances that you will miss a detail and make a stupid mistake are significantly reduced, and your result improves.

To Sum Up

Using these tips, you may better pass the test, but you still have to prepare in advance in order to get the best results. So, don’t get your hopes too high, you need to rely on your knowledge and luck will act as an additional resource.


Patrick Green is a die-hard workaholic. Last semester, he has done more than fifty essays, a dozen term papers, and two Master’s level dissertations. Unfortunately, Patrick doesn’t know how to write bad essays. So it’s either a good essay, great, or excellent. With Mr. Green working on your order, it’s safe to say that there’s nothing to worry about because work will be done well in time!


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