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Whenever I think of planning or attending an event, the first thing that comes to mind is the cake. Everything about the cake, from the decoration, taste, and flavor, sets the mood of every event. No matter how boring or organized the event is, if there is a lovely cake, everyone will leave praising how good the cake was and forget the rest of the ordeal they encountered during the event.

When planning to hold an event, there are several things that you should put into consideration about your cake at cake shops. This helps you to come up with the best cake design and flavor that is loved by all. Some of the things to consider to have the cake of the year at your event include;

·     What type of crowd are you having- The type of crowd, in most cases, determines the flavor of the cake. For instance, if it is a birthday cake for a child, the most preferred flavor would be vanilla as children are in love with vanilla. In addition, the type of crowd also helps to determine the type of decoration to have.

·     The party theme- the decoration of the cake needs to be in line with the suitable theme

·     The guest number- the cake should be big enough to cater for all the guest

Where to get your cake

Deciding on the places to get your desired cake can be challenging. However, you do not need to look anymore as the in Singapore cakes got you covered. We offer you the best services, ensuring that all your needs are met at friendly prices.

The company started as a humble cupcakery joint back in 2011, where it has since grown and expanded its wings up to thirty-five outlets on the island. The cakes are baked every day and come in various flavors, ensuring that all your sweet tooth requirements are met under one roof. Some of our cakes include whole cakes, intricate honey cakes, fondant cakes, among other types. We also ensure to accompany our cakes with the sweet chunky chewy cookies in a surfeit of flavors.

We are a passionate band that is precise to details. Our hands tenderly make every product; hence practice relentless attention to details. We believe that every client deserves to get the best from us hence take in all the clients requests and precisely make the cakes to their desire.

After the baking, the cakes are delivered to their respective owners daily. Time is of the essence when dealing with the food; hence the cakes are delivered immediately after baking to ensure our lovely customers receive fresh goods.

You can get your cake to match up with your theme. All you need to do is reach out to us. We offer customization services depending on the client’s specification as we believe in craft and love for color. Let the cake talk more about your personality we custom cakes for all occasions. The customization platform also allows one to try their imagination and create something out of this world and maintain their mouthwatering flavors.

We are a spreading community located from the far west to the far west-east, north, central, and north-east. We also allow online cake ordering to ensure all our customers are covered. Get sweet treats near you without going through the hustle of ordering in unsure places. You can also order cakes online in Singapore through our websites and get them delivered instantly. You can never miss our shops as it screams cake everywhere. We hold our customers close to our hearts, and it’s never our wish that one should go without satisfying their cravings.

Be it a wedding, a birthday, a get-together, or a surprise; we got you covered. One does not need a reason to gift their loved ones hence get that cupcake and express your love towards your loved ones.


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