7 Free Apps You Can’t Afford to Live without While in College

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We live in a technology-dominated age. Today, technology affects every part of human life, including health, finances, social, and even education. And thanks to a variety of applications built for the modern-day student, college life is now easier.

That said, here’s a look at seven incredible apps you can get for free on Android or iOS that will save you big time as you juggle your way through college.


Gone are the days you needed to be in one place with all your materials to complete an assignment. With Dropbox’s basic account, you can access and work on files you’ve saved in your Dropbox from multiple devices, that is, smartphone, PC, or tablet, and using any browser. It’s the perfect app for the typical busy college student or if you’re traveling and need to keep up with school work too.


While this app sounds a bit basic, it may actually save you time and penalties for misspells. Part of being a student is doing a lot of writing, usually essays and other assignments. And if you want to improve your writing, Dictionary.com is definitely an app you should have. Apart from making it easy to look up a word you don’t know how to spell or use, it can help you find synonyms and learn new words.


Did you know that, according to research, repeated recall practice leads to more than 150% improvement in your long-term retention? And what better way to practice repeated recall than using flashcards? Cram is a must-have study up that can help memorize bits of hard-to-remember information better right from your phone.

It offers two options for creating flashcards. You can either search through the millions of flashcards across different subjects already on the platform or custom make your own.


If you’re tired of carrying notebooks to classes or sorting out your notes manually, then you should definitely download a note-taking app. Evernote is one of the most recognized note-taking applications in the market today and offers several useful features for college students. You can say that it’s more of an all-encompassing app that allows you to write down notes during class or when studying and organize documents, make checklists, etc. And you can sync all this information across your different devices. Note that Evernote has a free and premium version, and not all features are available in the free plan.


Imagine you’ve just finished writing your assignment, and now you have to embark on the tedious task of listing all your citations. For most students, adding citations is one of the most difficult steps during writing, as it requires one to remember a lot of rules. One of the best solutions to this problem is hiring an essay writer to save you all the trouble of researching, writing, and referencing your paper.

Alternatively, you can download EasyBib, which eliminates the hassle of keeping up with different rules for different formatting styles. You just need to give your book’s, article’s, or journal’s title, and you can generate citations instantly.


Tuition isn’t the only expensive thing for today’s college students. A survey conducted by the College Board found that the average full-time four-year undergraduate student spent about $1,240 on books and supplies alone in the 2020-2021 academic year. The good news is that you can actually cut that spending significantly by opting for book rentals instead of complete ownership.

Chegg is an excellent app for finding digital and physical textbook rentals in a variety of subjects. So, when you start a new semester, you don’t have to stress over where you will get the money to buy all the textbooks you need.

myHomework Student Planner

Have a hard time keeping track of all your assignments, tests, projects, and other academic tasks? College is a busy time in your life, and unless you find a way to stay on top of things, it’s very easy to forget some things. That said, you don’t really have to keep everything in mind or right in down in a diary. myHomework does a terrific job of getting your academic life organized.

While there’s a paid version (which is pretty cheap), the free version works just fine. You can track classes, assignments, projects, tests, and more across all your synced devices.

Looking to Make Your Student Life Easier? Leverage Free Student Apps

Advancements in the software space have made life easier for many people, more so for students. With little to no money, you can actually get apps to help you perform various tasks more conveniently. Go through the above-listed app and pick up what you think is great for you. Or just download all of them.


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