6 Ways to Maximize Your Property Investment Profits

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Are you selling some or all of your real estate investments? The market is currently hot, so now is a great time to sell.

Although the fundamentals of real estate haven’t changed, some strategies are currently better than others. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the housing market and buyers have a slightly different profile at this time.

To get the most from selling your investments, the following tips will help you maximize your profits.

1. Sell directly to a professional buyer

While your profits consist of money, you can also profit in terms of time and energy saved. When you sell your investment property directly to a professional buyer, you can bypass a host of inconveniences that would otherwise eat up your time.

For example, CoMax Properties in Long Island buys homes as-is. That means sellers don’t need to perform expensive repairs in order to sell. If there are hidden problems discovered after the sale, the contract won’t be voided.

If you want the most convenient and painless sale process, nothing will beat selling directly to a professional buyer. The only downside is you’ll get less money for your home, but what is your time worth?

For example, you might get less for your home, but that’s worthwhile if you don’t need to hire an appraiser, get an inspection, or perform tedious repairs to close the sale.

2. Make repairs before listing your home

When a buyer needs to perform repairs, they’ll offer you less money for your home. They might even go lower than what the repairs would cost just to make up for the inconvenience.

If your home needs repairs, take care of those repairs as fast as possible before putting your home on the market. Don’t give potential buyers any reason to lowball their offers.

3. Buy new properties in hot markets

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for properties all across the United States. However, some cities are seeing more demand than others.

If you’re going to buy new investment properties, pay attention to the hot markets and buy properties in those areas. For example, the demand for homes in Austin, Texas has increased by 42% in just the last year.

The real estate market probably won’t stay this hot forever, so get your properties while you can. You may want to flip new homes for a quick profit and roll those profits into more local investments.

4. Hire a professional photographer

Outstanding photography will sell your property fast and will generate the profit you deserve. If you don’t use a professional photographer, your pictures will have poor lighting and bad angles that won’t accurately represent your home.

5. Hire a staging company

You’ve probably seen Craigslist ads for homes that look like someone just ran around the house snapping random, blurry photos. Many of these photos show torn and worn dirty furniture, messy bathroom counters, and a kitchen sink full of dishes.

No, these ads aren’t always scams. Many people simply underestimate the importance of staging their homes.

Staging your property will make the inside look amazing and inviting. A professional staging company will stage your home with beautiful furniture that makes each room look big and welcoming.

Staging companies are so good at what they do, some people go out and buy the same furniture they see in a staged home after they buy the property.

6. Don’t forget about curb appeal

It’s easy to forget about curb appeal when you’re watching the housing market in a blaze. Curb appeal still matters, even when buyers are willing to pay anything to acquire a property.

Having curb appeal could mean the difference between selling your home today and selling your home next month when the market cools off a bit.

There’s no way to predict when the market will cool, so start improving your curb appeal right now. Make your home look inviting from the outside. Tend to landscaping, repaint your siding, trim back large tree branches, and fix broken cement or asphalt.

You can even add some potted plants to the porch to make your property feel more inviting.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to generate a profit

With inflation and the unemployment rate quickly rising, don’t pass up the opportunity to generate a profit. When you have the opportunity to make some cash, go for it because there’s no guarantee the market will stay this hot for long.


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