How to Choose New Flooring for Your Utah Home

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The type of flooring in your house can make or break the overall look of your Utah home. The design, color, material, and value make a statement about your style. However, you also want a floor that provides comfort against extreme weather while at the same time making your house remain stylish.

With the upsurge in flooring options in the market, homeowners are spoilt for choice. You can choose vinyl, hardwood, natural stone, engineered hardwood ceramic tiles, laminate, and carpet, among many other available options. Below, we give you ideas on how to choose flooring for your Utah home:

Level of Comfort

The extreme weather conditions in Utah require a very versatile flooring option. This means a choice that can handle extremely hot and dry summers and very cold and wet winters. The extreme weather conditions can take a toll on your flooring options hence the need to choose one that is durable. In this case, you may consider a carpet. It keeps warm during winter and is not extremely hot during summer.

Choose Durability for Flooring Utah

With the extreme weather conditions, you may want to consider a more durable option and ignore some aspects such as beauty. Natural stone and hardwood are some of the most durable options; however, they are also some of the more costly flooring options. You may ignore the cost and go for hardwood or a cheaper version known as engineered hardwood, which is still durable but more affordable.

Maintenance and Cleaning

You want to consider maintenance since some flooring options can be both cumbersome and expensive to maintain. Some may require polishing a few times a month, and others may require deep cleaning from professionals. When it comes to maintenance, consider tiles because they only need cleaning as their upkeep. In Utah home, tiles are preferred due to durability, water protection, low maintenance, and your floor remains cool in hot summer. However, tiles can be very cold during winter, and you may be forced to add a carpet for warmth.

Consider Your Budget

Flooring Utah can be a costly project depending on the material you settle on. Some floor types require additional materials, which makes the whole project an expensive affair. Natural hardwood, for instance, is one of the most expensive options. It also comes with high-level maintenance, translating to more costs. In this case, you may opt for a carpet that is relatively cheap and easy to maintain with seasonal cleaning. If you still want the natural wood look, go for engineered hardwood which is less costly and still durable.

Style and Overall Design

When choosing a flooring material, your taste and style should come to play. The floor is one key area when it comes to your home interiors. If price and maintenance are not hindrances, you may opt for hardwood. If you are looking for versatile flooring that is both fairly priced, durable, and water-resistant, opt for vinyl. With advanced designs, vinyl can take the look of wood, stone, and many other designs as per your tastes. Vinyl is also easy to maintain.

Property Resale Value

Consider whether the type of flooring adds any value to your home in terms of resale value. Studies have shown that over half of homebuyers in the United States are willing to pay extra for a home fitted with hardwood floors. Natural stone is another great option when it comes to resale value and durability. However, it’s expensive, cold, and slippery for Utah home wet climate. Hardwood is durable, lasting over 100 years. If you consider the harsh weather, comfort and durability, and resale value, you may ignore the high maintenance costs that go with natural hardwood and consider it for your flooring

When it comes to flooring options in Utah home, there are many features to look for before you make a choice. You can go for style, cost, maintenance, durability, or consider resale value. Whichever option you choose, do not compromise your comfort, considering the extreme weather conditions. If possible, go for an option that combines all the above.

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