The Most Popular Game Genres

The Most Popular Game Genres

Gaming has quickly grown from a smaller more niche hobby to something more global with players of all ages and interests finding a new passion with big releases – the primary audience has change from younger teen males and now is represented by women over the age of 34 as those who play the most and put in the most hours, with mobile being the preferred platform. This has also led to a big change in the favourite genres, whilst some have emerged away from apps and more specific games like online casino options found at amongst many others, other genres have been growing just as quickly too.

A small comeback for MMORPGs – Once the biggest game genre boasting millions of players on a single game, they had went through a period of decline with player numbers waning and newer releases becoming less common. As they’re very large titles and demand a lot of time to play, the core audience that had started to age had lost interest in playing in ways they once did – but there has been a resurgence with some newer releases and some newfound excitement for existing games too, leading to MMORPGs once again finding excitement. Given there may be a huge release on the horizon too from one of the biggest studios in gaming at the moment, the MMORPG space could thrive once more.

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Simulation games are growing too – As tech has changed to make simulation genres more approachable, this has been another fast-growing option in gaming – whether this be through racing simulation, life simulation, or job-oriented simulation, there are plenty of exciting options out there are the launch of extended reality has helped these massively. They can be quite casual friendly, too, but had been the fastest growing gaming genre particularly on mobile between 2019 and 2020.

Racing games had performed well too ­– Similarly, something that has always remained quite niche but growing quickly has been in  racing titles. For more well-developed platforms, racing had grown largely thanks to esports events like iRacing titles led by real motorsports drivers, but they had found success on mobile too through motion controls and other similar “gimmicks” which would provide a lot of replayability and something different from usual. Following simulation and just above casino, racing games were the fastest growing on mobile from 2019 to 2020 too.

There are other genres on the decline though, geolocation AR titles that may involve games like Pokémon GO, and hyper casual games did all fall somewhat which shows how quickly the mobile gaming genre is changing, and at how influential the tastes can be with this changing audience.

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