How Clear Estate is revolutionizing the estate settlement process

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We live in the age of speed. Everything in our lives today is designed to be fast, precise, and efficient. We speed date, fast eat, surf at the speed of lightning, and organize our home and work lives to work smooth and fast like oil oiled machines. But, while we are organized about everything that makes up our daily life —  a sort of disorganization takes over the moment life ends. 

Discussions about death are often a taboo, even and especially when you are living with and taking care of senior loved ones and terminal patients. What this does is create a gap in knowledge — that turns into a complete chaotic mess when the moment to carry out the end of life affairs of a loved one arrives. Often, the person designated as the estate executor — the one responsible for clearing out all dues of the deceased, dividing all their assets, and carrying out their final few requests and wishes — is left floundering in messy piles of paperwork and dealing with confusing and outdated systems. 

But while the task often seems insurmountable, there exist experts and apps that can often ease the process of estate settlement in the form of estate settlement solutions, taking most of the pressure off of the estate executor’s shoulders, and offering them the support they need to deal with such an immense responsibility at such a traumatic time. And Clear Estate is the one spearheading this movement. 

Clear Estate boasts of a user friendly and easy to use and access online platform, automatic filing systems, transparent beneficiary portal, and an efficient team of professionals — from estate administrators, accountants, and lawyers to dedicated estate professionals — that is ever ready to serve the estate executor at every moment of need. 

The idea itself is simple. Clear Estate aims to ease the entire process of estate settlement so that the estate executor has the sheer stress and immense responsibility of taking care of their loved one’s last will and wishes taken off their shoulders. Clear Estate intends on acting as a shield to the estate executor and the family of the deceased as they deal with this time of grief and mourning. The team believes that no one should have to put up with the added trauma of dealing with lawyers, bills, accountant, trips to the court, and insurmountable paperwork while they are still coping with the loss of a loved one. For this reason, Clear Estate offers the estate executor and family of the deceased access to the following tools and services:

An Estate Professional:

From the moment you decide to take the plunge and let Clear Estate shoulder the responsibility of organising and efficiently supporting you as you manage the entire process of estate settlement, you are assigned a dedicated Estate Professional who is there to provide you with the support that you ask for throughout the procedure. 

They are the one you call when you can’t find important paperwork, when you need advice, or just technical knowhow. From the moment you are designated as the estate executor to the time of account closure, the professional makes sure to have your back throughout.

An automated filing system and Executor Companion Tool:

Clear Estate’s easy to use system comes with a filing system that keeps track of all the documents that need to be submitted, signed, and filed, all the ones that have already been dealt with, and the ones you need to get to next. Along with this, you have the Executor Companion Tool that works as your assistant at every step — keeping track of every paperwork, every duty, every bill and tax and organises it all in a way that you get the things you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

Beneficiary Portal:

A transparent Beneficiary Portal lets every beneficiary track and access information about assets and funds so that no drama is added to a process that is already tedious to say the least.

Along with the entire host of tools and professionals at your service, Clear Estate’s also offers a hefty discount on their services. In fact, their services cost ⅓ of the price of other estate professionals. This is because the team at Clear Estate believes that people should get the support they require in times of their greatest need. And money should not be a deciding factor when in it.

From the moment you decide to engage with Clear Estate’s team, you are offered an end to end complete estate settlement guarantee. This means that they will be there for you from the moment you locate and submit the will at probate court, evaluate and list all assets, pay off all of the dues of the recently deceased and sell any real estate, to the moment of beneficiary pay off and estate account closure. Even if some issue arises after the account closure, Clear Estate’s team will be right by your side — dealing with any unexpected red tape with expert ease so you don’t have to.

Finally, the team at Clear Estate may be professionals. But the brand was designed to care. They understand grief. They realise that — beyond the paperwork and the court runs and account handling — estate executors need help dealing with the sheer confusion that comes as part of the job description. No matter how expected a death, no one is ever prepared for it. So, even if the estate executor has some idea about their responsibilities beforehand — they will still inevitably struggle with the nitty gritties of the procedure. Even at times of such struggle, Clear Estate is right by their side — offering estate executor’s the training they need to understand and carry out their responsibilities fully and efficiently so the last wishes of the deceased loved one are taken care of with the utmost care. 


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