How to Choose an Open Care Senior Plan

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Senior Plan is a product that helps seniors secure their final expenses, and it was established by the Open Care insurance agency. The low contribution plan has premiums as low as $ 7.49 per month, and these are fixed for life.

The plan is appropriate for people who can’t find an affordable insurance policy, with ages 60-85 guaranteed approval no matter the health conditions. Below we explore the Open Care Senior plan, why you need it, and how to choose one.

Specifically, the purpose of this article is to describe how the OpenCare Senior Plan works and to give you sufficient information to determine if an OpenCare final expense plan is right for you. Click here and see what you may qualify for.

What is Open Care Senior Plan

Open Care Senior Plan is simply a final expense life cover. The policy provides a cash payout to the family for final expenses. There are no medical exams, checks, or blood tests required for the cover, and it’s guaranteed. Premiums depend on your age, gender, and health status.

Why You Need Open Care Senior Plan

This is one of the lowest-cost insurance plans that guarantee your family will not struggle to pay your final expenses. With a few dollars, as low as $ 7.49 per month, you can plan for your final expenses and have peace of mind that no one will be left struggling to pay these expenses from their pocket.

If you are not eligible for the traditional insurance covers such as term and life insurance for whatever reason, this is one of your best options. The cover is not only low cost but also has no expiry date. Some of the ideal candidates for this plan include individuals with no assets or savings, those with low or no income, and those aged 40 years and above. Older adults with chronic conditions are also perfect candidates for this plan.

How to Choose Open Care Senior Plan

Open Care has three senior plans based on your age, smoking habits, state, and current health. You can choose one or a combination of the plans you are guaranteed of coverage, and in the worst-case scenario, you may be forced to take the guaranteed issue plan.

Term Life: is for adults aged between 18-75, and it comes with coverage of 10, 20, or 30 years. Rates are as low as 6.96 per month with a payout of between $25K- $500K. No medical exams, questions, history, checks, or blood tests are required. Approval is done within 4-8 business days.

The Guaranteed Issue Life: is offered to adults aged between 25-85 years. Premium rates start from $9 per month. This plan has lifetime coverage, no medical exams or blood tests are required, and you get instant approval. Payout is between $2K to $25K.

The Final Expense I’d the most known lifetime cover with rates as low as 7.49 per month. The plan is open to individuals between 18-85 years, with approvals done within 2-4 days. There are no medical exams, medical questions, or blood tests. The payout ranges from $ 2000 to $250,000.

Open Care has three senior plans to choose from depending on your age, health, state, and smoking habits. You can opt for any of the plans as long as you qualify, can afford the premiums, and are comfortable with the final payout.

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