Intruder Alert! Why To Use Electric Strike Door Alarms

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Electric strikes are relatively inexpensive devices created to both automatically and manually unlock and lock doors on demand. A strike refers to the metal plate that has been installed onto or inside a door frame in order to catch the bolt and ensure the door remains closed. Electric strikes are a replacement for traditional strikes and connect to a power supply, releasing the bolt and unlocking the door when activated.

Electric strikes are always locked from the outside and will automatically lock again when the door is shut. Electric strikes can be opened from within a room or building by pressing some form of the manual release device.

There are a number of benefits that come from making use of electric strike door alarms.


When an electric strike has been linked to a remote system, someone can be allowed entry from outside just by pushing a button. Electric strikes that are connected to a pin code can also be very useful as this means there is no need for a physical key and the code can be shared with just a few trusted individuals.

Simple to install

It is a quick and simple matter to install an electric strike door alarm. Electric strikes only have to be mounted on the door frame, which means that the frame just needs to be cut at in order to install them. This makes them a lot easier to install than electric locks, which requires much more complicated preparation on the door itself.

Inexpensive to install

Electric locks are relatively easy to install, which means that it will take less time to install them on the part of handymen or contractors. This in turn means that the cost of materials and labour for the installation should not cost any more than a standard strike installation.


One of the biggest benefits of using electric strikes is of course security. Electric strikes are an extremely secure and safe way of locking doors due to the fact that the only way to activate them and gain entry is with the use of a pin, card or another form of a remote device.

It is vital for any organisation to keep safety equipment, important or sensitive information and other valuables, but many companies still make use of mechanical locking systems, which means that keys can be stolen or lost far too easily, making the embrace of electric solutions such as electric strikes the smart move to make.

Where are electric strikes used?

There are a number of applications in which electric strike are generally made use of, including the likes of cylindrical locks within a hollow metal door and frame, a rim exit device within an aluminium storefront door and frame or hollow metal door and frame, mortise exit device within a hollow metal door and frame, or a mortise lock within an aluminium storefront door and frame or hollow metal door and frame. Electric door strikes are a great way to make premises safe and secure.

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