Top 5 Ways to Upgrade your Workspace

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With so many users now working from home due to COVID, it is important that everyone knows how to optimise their workspace. It can be dull working from home, but it can also be very rewarding if your workspace is set up right. Many people will get into a groove with working in an untidy or badly setup work environment, and upgrading your workspace can be like a breath or fresh air. We spoke with TechQuarters, an IT support and service provider based in London. They said there are many great ways to upgrade your workspace.

Cable Management

Cable management is one of the most frustrating parts of working on a PC for your work. Luckily, using a laptop can help to reduce the amount of wires needed, but that can also limit the way you arrange your workspace – plus, there are still things like external hard drives and charging cables that can clutters your workspace. Here are some of the ways that you can reduce your cable management:

Wireless charging station – these often look like small platforms or structures with spaces to place various devices for charging. Devices that frequently support wireless charging include mobile phones and smart watches. Most of us rely heavily on our phones, and of course watches are very handy, so you don’t want either to run out of battery. A wireless charging station is a neat solution to keep your devices charged without having to content with long cables for each device.

Keyboard & Mouse – the built-in keyboard and trackpads in Laptops often leave a lot to be desired. You can of course connect a keyboard and mouse to your laptop, but if they are wired, you’re both cluttering your workspace with cables, and you are using up valuable connection ports on your laptop (that’s if your laptop has connection ports, many do not these days!) Luckily, there are many wireless keyboards and mouses on the market. They come in bundles or separately if you wish to mix and match; your best bet would be to go for a true wireless, Bluetooth set.

Dock your Laptop

Laptops are one of the best ways to do your work – most people choose a laptop over a desktop, and TechQuarters said that, as providers of it support for small business, they have setup many customers with hardware, and they almost always choose laptops over desktops.

Many laptops these days do not have many connective ports, as they are designed increasingly with sleek form factors. You might have a USB-C or Thunderbolt port nowadays, and little else. To get that connectivity back, invest in a laptop docking station. These devices connect to your laptop via USB or Thunderbolt, and they provide a range of connection ports to rival those of a full desktop PC. These devices often require their own power source, so they are best utilized at a permanent desk, but the upside is they won’t drain your laptop of power and some of the best docking stations can even provider charging to your laptop.

Docking stations are a great way to extend the capabilities of your laptop – for example, if you work with lots of large files, such as if you were a photographer or video editor, you could set up a RAID or connect a set of large external hard drives to your docking station. Better yet, you could connect a set of PC monitors to the docking station, along with a printer & scanner, and any other devices you often use for work. Then, all you need to do is connect your laptop to the docking station, and your laptop will be connected to all of these devices.

Adopt the Cloud

One of the key London IT services that TechQuarters provides is Cloud migration. They say that migrating to the Cloud is one of the best things a business can do to upgrade their business and make it more future proof. Whilst this is something individuals don’t normally have the power to do themselves, there are still ways you can adopt the Cloud to make your workspace better.

You workspace isn’t just the physical area; you should also consider your digital environment, such as your desktop and your file management. Keeping all of your files on your computers’ internal storage can slow your PC down, which is why it is recommended that you reserve the internal disk for important software such as your operating system and your work applications. Everything else can be stored in a Cloud drive.

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