A 5-Item Checklist For Choosing Your Diamond Engagement Ring

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Engagement rings have always symbolized everlasting love and a commitment to marriage between two people. And diamond engagement rings have risen in popularity over the years due to their aesthetic brilliance.

This ring has evolved into different shapes, sizes, colors, carat weight, and cuts to pick out in the current world. Therefore, consider how it represents the person’s personality when looking for a diamond engagement ring.

We have discussed in this article a five-item checklist to guide you when choosing your diamond engagement ring.

Type Of Diamond

In the beginning, the only type of diamond available was the naturally occurring one forged in the earth’s mantle with lots of pressure and heat. This type of process involves removing significant amounts of rock and soil, creating big holes that disrupt the environment.

However, you can still be able to source a hand-crafted diamond engagement ring with materials that are ethically sourced and are conflict-free.

Alternatively, you can opt for lab-grown diamonds that are physically, chemically, and optically identical to the conventional diamond. They are created inside a machine using extreme heat and pressure. As a result of critical advances, companies have grown quality diamonds faster and cheaply.

Therefore, before settling on a diamond ring, go through both choices and decide on one that’s more suitable for you.

Carat Weight

The measuring of Diamonds uses its mass or weight in carats. Here, the unit of weight, usually 200mg, is based on the carob seed known for its consistent weight and size. And when picking your ring, your decision should be based on the carat by balancing your style, expectations, and budget.

Remember that the carat weight doesn’t translate to its dimension or size. Therefore, before settling on the carat, you should pick an engagement ring based on the setting and design, weigh your options and confirm your budget.

Shapes And Setting

When choosing a diamond ring shape, it may get tasking because of the different available forms. As a result, you ensure that you settle on a ring shape that’s best for you. Luckily, there are some varieties to pick from, including; round, princess, cushion, trilliant, radiant, emerald, oval, pear, heart, marquise, and pear.

Once you know the different types of shapes, you may want to decide what suits you best. For instance, if you prefer a form that’s subtle and slimmer, then a baguette cut will be a perfect choice.

But if you want a cut that makes a statement, then a marquise or pear-cut will give the ring a distinctive look. The shape of your fingers will also impact your decision. If you have long fingers, wider bands will look more significant than narrower bands on shorter fingers.

Additionally, you will need to decide on your diamond’s set. Some iconic ones include; prong, Bar, Bezel, Tension, Illusion, and cluster setting, amongst many more.

Take your time and go through the plethora of shapes and sizes that may help express your personality.


Diamonds come in different colors from red, green, brown, black, blue, violet, pink, and yellow. You also have the traditional colorless diamonds that are more mainstream.

As a result, when opting for color, consider its uniqueness, your favorite color—if you want a color with a story behind it—and whether you enjoy glamour or romance. However, consider diamonds with modifiers if you can’t afford the fancy colors.

Price Point

When creating a checklist, ensure that you have a budget. When creating a reasonable budget, you have to know the market price. For instance, if you choose a ring with VS2 clarity, good cut, and weighs 0.62 carats, research the prices of rings with similar characteristics.

Bottom Line

A diamond engagement ring symbolizes love and commitment to marriage. It’s always been a top choice among many couples due to its aesthetics. And when you are hunting for an engagement ring, you have to consider different factors.

You will need to settle between a naturally occurring diamond that’s mined from the earth’s mantle or a lab-grown diamond that’s physically, chemically, and optically identical to the mined ones.

You will also get a ring with a carat weight that fits your budget and ring setting. As for the shape, the options will give you a chance to settle on a set that elevates your personality. Color plays a significant role in deciding on an engagement ring.

You can opt for the traditional colorless diamond or one with a color that has a story behind it and is unique. Finally, consider the price point of an engagement ring and if it fits your budget.


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