Spending The Holidays at Disneyland? Check Out Our Christmas Guide for Your Vacation!

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Disneyland is a great place to go for the holidays. The rides are different; the atmosphere is light and completely decked out to make the festivities unforgettable for families. You will see beautiful twinkle lights and winter décor everywhere you look and feel as if you have walked into a winter wonderland!

Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle

Now we’ve all seen Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It’s the first thing you see. However, it looks completely different in the winter with hundreds of fairy lights that glitter like a thousand stars. It is a favorite of children and adults alike. It is made more remarkable when you see the fireworks show because it makes the castle stand out even further.

Characters Are Dressed Up!

No matter where they live (Toontown, Critter Country, etc.), each character is all dressed to the nines to make it truly feel like Christmas and bring joy to families. You will also see that each area has its sense of decoration and amusing touches that keep a playful feel to each park section.

Spending The Holidays At Disneyland Gets Better With Merriest Nites

Spending the Holidays at Disneyland gets even more fun when you check out the Merriest Nites. It is a seasonal party on select nights and has unique and innovative fetes spread throughout the park. You will see carolers and people in Victorian-inspired costumes; in Frontierland, you can find characters from Coco, and in New Orleans Square, you can meet Tiana!

Go to Fantasyland, and you can meet Elsa in all her beauty, or take a trip down to Adventureland if you want to meet one of the most excellent aliens in existence, along with his best friend, Lilo. Stitch is always a blast to meet and super fun for little ones.

The Christmas Parade

No trip would be complete without the parade. It has been a long-standing tradition, and for a good reason. Each time the parade is performed, hundreds of people stop to see it because it is so beautiful and embodies the true wonder of Disney.

 The Haunted Mansion

Many find this one a personal favorite. The haunted mansion gets a spooky yet wintery makeover every year at Christmas. You will see characters from the Night Before Christmas, and it makes the right a million times better than it usually is. You will find that this takes a ride that is already amazing and takes it up to champion fun levels. See all your favorite characters around every turn, and you will never want to get off.

Celebrate The Magic

Disneyland is often seen as one of the most amazing places to take your family and people travel from everywhere on the earth to come here at Christmas. You will have a great time with your loved ones and have the opportunity to see something that is truly wonderous. Be sure that you take the time to book your tickets in advance and plan your trip accordingly. You know that once you set foot inside the parks, you will want to experience anything and everything that it has to offer.

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