How liposuction helped me to lose belly post Birth?

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After giving birth, I felt my body needed help. Even with dieting and working out, I still had excess body fat in specific areas that wouldn’t go away and that were affecting how I felt about my physical appearance. This is when I decided to have abdominal liposuction. I was keen to get the best treatment possible, and Novomed Dubai seemed to be an obvious choice. It was close to my home, specialized in liposuction, and had some of the most cutting-edge technology.

So, I underwent abdominal liposuction at Novomed Surgical Hospital – Umm Suqeim 3 a couple of months ago and my experience was amazing from start to end. The healthcare treatment I received was exceptional and the liposuction results exceeded my expectations. The doctors and nurses were patient and kind and made sure that I felt extremely safe and secure. The team was also professional as they addressed all my concerns and made me feel more relaxed before surgery.

The procedure was painless and the results were outstanding. I have made a remarkable and full recovery thanks to Novomed’s top-notch staff. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin now. Not only do my clothes fit better, but I am now more confident to wear items that emphasize my curvy form.

I was able to return to work just a few days after the procedure. I was sore but was still able to function normally at home and at work. The surgery was a true motivator to continue to work out and stay in shape. I have continued to exercise since then and have lost more weight and fit today into a smaller size. I was fully satisfied and impressed with the entire operation and medical staff.

The plastic surgery team at Novomed Dubai has definitely perfected the art of body sculpting and contouring. For all of my cosmetic requirements, I will continue to seek their center’s expertise and services. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery as it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and one of the best transformations I could have gone through.



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