How Past Life Connections Can Affect Your Relationships

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Have you ever met a stranger with whom you felt an intense connection with even when you have never met him before? Do you know why you suddenly feel compelled to stay close to him even when you don’t know him personally? Have you wondered that you might have been past life partners reunited in a different timeline?

Reincarnation is the restoration of a living being that transcends to another body after a physical death into different lifetimes. Depending on your religious belief, this process includes being unexplainably drawn to a specific hobby and feeling a strong bond with people you only met once. Whether you believe in this soul process or not, meeting a lover from a past life can impact your view on relationships.

If you have experienced this supernatural phenomenon, then this article will provide you with enough information to supply your curiosity about the effects of having past life connections in your romantic relationships.

Being In A Relationship With Partners That Mirror The Same Toxic Behaviors

A healthy relationship naturally works for some couples. While there may be obstacles they might face, they always choose to make appropriate decisions together without blaming one another for their challenges. Moreover, they discuss problems with open minds instead of constantly picking fights. 

While healthy relationships sound like fairytale stories, a toxic relationship mirrors a contrasting perspective. When you’re unaware of your destructive patterns, seeing red flags get more complicated as time passes. 

Being in a toxic relationship will constantly drain you after spending a few hours with your partner. Regardless of how much one hates the other person in the relationship, one still chooses to stay because of the feeling of knowing each other forever. It could also be that you’ll never meet someone with the same intense connection as you do with the person you’re currently involved with. If you’re in this type of relationship, you’re likely to experience various kinds of behaviors from your partners, which include:

  1. Lack of Emotional Support

People differ when it comes to showing how much they care for the person they love. The most common love languages include quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. While not every partner communicates similarly, toxic relationships will make you feel left out, especially when you need emotional support the most.

Attracting partners who lack emotional support may dampen your educational and career development. 

2. Inconsistent Communication

Lovers in a healthy relationship treat each other with genuine kindness. Meanwhile, toxic partners fill their interactions with criticism and sarcasm. So, while it’s possible to leave your previous partners, you only end up being in the same poisonous cycle because you have wounds and needs that you still don’t quite understand how to heal.

3. Holding A Tight Grip On Resentment

Resentment may lead to the reason why a previous relationship ended. As you engage with new partners while you’re still healing wounds, you’re likely to experience the same reactions once you get mistreated again. These behaviors will give you the same feeling of inadequacy, which may affect your current relationship. 

If left broken and still trying to heal, you’ll continuously jump from one connection to another, only to find out that those partners will repeatedly trigger your past life experiences. Thus, you must recognize these triggers, understand why they strongly affect you, and prevent feeling the same level of bitterness over the same behaviors. 

While treating resentment depends on the individual, the best way to move past these experiences is by enrolling in past life regression therapy. This response benefits anyone who experiences unexplainable lousy luck and even repetitive toxic relationship cycles. Past life regression will help you unlock past traumas and remind you of your power in your previous lifetime.

The same patterns repeat in different relationships because you may have specific issues that you need to address from your past lives. Once you become aware of the repetitive cycles, you’ll recognize what the Universe has been revealing to you by sending you partners with the same behaviors so you can finally act on breaking those patterns.

Your Current Lover Makes You Feel Uncomfortable Emotions

Your twin flame makes you feel a strong soul connection because you mirror each other’s souls. However, if you still have unhealed wounds and trauma, you’ll view the negative aspects of your twin. While being in a twin flame journey is rewarding for your personal growth, it can be a challenging experience.

Being in a relationship with someone you’ve shared a past life with may create intensely uncomfortable emotions within you without even knowing why you feel them. These unbearable feelings are deeply rooted inside you, to the point that insecurities and fears may start to appear on the surface. Those insecurities may push you to overthink particular situations and cause you to act on them, such as:

  • Visiting their social media pages to get constant updates on their whereabouts
  • Not trusting your lover to stay loyal to you
  • Feeling jealous of the people they interact with and resenting them when they have your lover’s time
  • Looking for compliments from the person to fish more security
  • Feeling like they’re always speaking to other potential partners
  • Constantly wanting to verify everything they tell you
  • Feel an extreme sense of separation anxiety whenever they’re not around you

These personal security challenges may come from previous trauma where emotional burdens may haven’t been processed adequately. Once your partner shows behaviors that cause unpleasant experiences, you’ll start to feel like you may lose them at any time. This effect will push you to commit defensive actions that may drive them away.

There’s No Neutral Button

Being in a relationships with a person you feel intense emotions for will never be boring. Once you meet one in this present lifetime, you’ll get a sense of love at first sight. However, as fun as it sounds, getting on arguments with your partner will only bring about intense remorse. If you have resurfacing issues from your past lives, your relationship with your lover will feel like a never-ending rollercoaster ride. 

Key Takeaway

Meeting someone you’ve never met before with whom you feel a strong connection with may feel like an out-of-the-world experience. While it’s challenging to deal with resurfacing traumatic responses, it’s good to establish healthy communication with your partner or heal your previous trauma first. This strategy will help you gain more positive experiences with your lover instead of constantly dwelling on one another’s negative behaviors.



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