6 Common Grill Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Are you looking to buy your first grill but are overwhelmed by the options? Maybe this isn’t your first grill, but you’re still overwhelmed by the options for grills.

In this guide, we’ll help you sift through the options with six common grill shopping mistakes to avoid.

The grill your parents or neighbor own might not necessarily be the right grill for you. Continue reading for six girl shopping mistakes to avoid. Steer clear and you’ll find the grill you’ll use for years!

1. Bigger Is Not Better

When buying your grill you need to consider the square footage of your lawn or deck that you will sacrifice. The bigger the grill, the more real estate it will take. If you have a large family or have large gatherings, a big grill might work.

If you only usually grill about two steaks, you’ll want to look at different grill sizes. Make sure to know the capacity of food you need to cook on average and compare that to the grill rack size.

2. Local Regulations

Buying a grill actually concerns the local authorities. In some states, it’s illegal to have a grill on your deck. In others, it’s illegal for it to be on your lawn. Make sure to check in with your local regulations first.

This will prevent you from buying a grill you’ll be fined for using. You’ll end up needing to return it.

3. Difficult Fuel Sourcing

Some states also have regulations on which fuels can be used. Additionally, some fuels are just hard to source and aren’t as readily available as propane. Make sure the fuel your grill uses is food-safe and easy to find. 

4. Misunderstanding Grill Style

The latest grill features come in a variety of gas, electric, and charcoal grills! Find the grill that suits your lifestyle the most. Stick to one grill type when comparing between popular grill brands to avoid a headache.

A charcoal grill will have more flavor. An electric grill will have less flavor but just requires an easy plug-in to start. A gas grill will cook great but is hard to clean.

5. Flimsy Grills

You don’t want your food blown over and the chance of a lawn fire. A grill should never blow with the wind. Make sure your grill and grill cover are sturdy enough to withstand temperamental weather. 

6. Cheap Grill Grates

The grill grate is the part of a grill food is placed on. These should be cast iron or stainless steel. These two materials will provide excellent char and are the best beginner smoker options. Avoid aluminum grates which are a cheap counterpart. 

Avoid These Grill Shopping Mistakes!

As you can tell, the six grill shopping mistakes listed above are fairly innocent. Empower yourself and protect yourself from falling into the trap of these common shopping mishaps. The right grill will give you plenty of use and flavor and last at least a decade. 

This means it’s an investment that takes time to decide. Research your options and understand your needs to find your perfect grill. For more lifestyle tips, continue reading our blog!

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