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At What Age Should I Consider Getting a Facelift?

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When considering a facelift, you should make absolutely sure that it is at the best time. If you know that you will desire a facelift at a certain point in your life, it is best to get it done before you get too old. This will ensure that you receive optimal and natural-looking results.

Many people would profit from a facelift once they reach the age of 50. Sure, people don’t show signs of aging at the same time. Some may show them in their 40s and others in their 50s. The ones who are showing any signs of aging are excellent candidates for a facelift. In some cases, the loss of weight can contribute to early aging. Heredity as well as environmental factors can also contribute.

Numerous people, however, choose to have this cosmetic procedure even in their 70’s. Believe it or not, this can easily be accomplished with the use of modern techniques and adequate patient preparation. When it comes to the healing phase, there isn’t much of a difference between age groups.

What Variables Influence Aging of the Face?

Eating Pattern

We’ve all heard that eating a well-balanced diet is good for our physical as well as mental health. A diet high in fat contributes to inflammation of the skin, which directly results in aging prematurely. Furthermore, salty foods, like tobacco, cause fluid loss in the skin and body due to dehydration.


Your career may also cause the aging of your face. People who have jobs that cause a lot of anxiety or that require them to be in the sun most of the time, are at high risk for early signs of aging.

A stressful environment has a negative impact not only on your mental health but also on your physical health. When under constant stress, cortisol is released, causing formation of wrinkles. This is due to it degrading the collagen in the skin. This is why any type of job stress could be the cause of you looking older prematurely.

Constant exposure to UV rays from the sun is incredibly detrimental to your skin.  People who work outdoors are more likely to develop skin cancer as well as early aging.

Way of Life

Poor lifestyle decisions, including smoking, will hasten the aging of the face. Drinking alcohol, specifically, causes fine lines, wrinkles, and blood vessels to rupture. Additionally, it removes fluids in your body, including in the skin, potentially making you look much older. Furthermore, the many chemicals located in nicotine products cause harm to the blood vessels, limiting the flow of oxygen to cells of the skin.


Your genetic makeup plays a significant part in the aging of your face.  Some people just look older more quickly compared to others their age. In some cases, a person may have led a healthy lifestyle, but may be dissatisfied with how quickly they are visibly aging. Again, it is due to genetics.

Is It Possible to be too Young for a Facelift?

If a person doesn’t have significant signs of aging, they are not ready for a facelift. It will not benefit a person at all to have a facelift if they do not have any fine lines or wrinkles.  Prior to undergoing a facelift, patients should show at least moderate signs of aging in order for the operation to be beneficial. For those considering the procedure, a facelift in Beverly Hills is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries. They have board-certified and highly qualified surgeons ready to assist you in looking years younger.

Is It Too Late for a Facelift?

Some people believe they have grown too old and are no longer eligible for a facelift. There is no such thing as being too ancient for the procedure. Regardless of the person’s age, facial surgical procedures are able to get rid of any sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles, so that they appear young and vibrant. In fact, a facelift can assist patients in looking at least a decade  younger, which will occur irrespective of age.



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