6 Ways to Keep Allergies in Check When Spring Cleaning

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After you relax a couple of months under the blankets, there comes the time when you must clean your mess. And, for people with allergies, that is quite a troublesome thing to do.

Yes! I am talking about the spring cleaning and the horrified sneezing I went through last year. Do you wish to hire a maid like CleanZen Boston to do this work for you? Do not bother! To bring your life at ease, here are six ways to keep allergies in check when spring cleaning.

Keeping the windows clean

Not just the windows, but also the components related to it are dust magnets. If you have a curtain, make sure to wash them regularly.

Also, gently clean the corners of the window as it gets most of the pollen and other allergens coming from outside. The wise thing will be to keep our window curtains and windows closed during the allergy season’s peak time. A well-ventilated air-conditioned house keeps the allergies in control.

Dust in a proper gentle can keep the allergens away

The first thing to do is start from all the corner places available in your house. Simply rubbing the dust in the air will make the matter even worse. Instead, use a damp rag or microfiber cloths to absorb the dust particles moistly.

Dust removal improves the appearance of your home while also removing some of the most common indoor allergy irritants.

Taking care of the bedding

Among the six ways to keep allergies in check when spring cleaning, washing the bedding might be the most important. Before welcoming this delicate season, wash your bedsheets, pillowcases with hot water at a temperature of about 130-degree F.

If you have children in your house, make sure to wash their stuffed animals the same way explained above to remove the dust.

Considering some renovations

Even with frequent vacuuming, ceiling carpeting is the most difficult to clean and can retain a variety of pollutants. Consider replacing ceiling carpeting with throw rugs which you can wash regularly.

Seal off all possible entry points for insects. To reduce moisture, repair or replace leaking fixtures and roofing.

Filtering the outside allergens from getting inside the house

You can control it by simple precautions like wearing a mask and gloves while you water your garden or mow your lawn. Never forget to wash hands with soap water after spending a significant amount of time outside.

Taking care of the garbage

If you have enough space outside your house, I’d suggest setting your garbage disposal outside. If that is not possible, make sure to cover the disposal pot with black polyethylene, making the disposal process much more manageable.


If you struggle with allergy symptoms, we feel sorry for not reading this article before. For those who read and gained this knowledge in their minds, so you know the six ways to keep allergies in check when spring cleaning.

Doctoral or medical consultation is sometimes not necessary if you are slightly cautious. Stay healthy!


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