How to Travel With Jewelry: 6 Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe

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Traveling with jewelry can create a lot of stress. Transiting from the airplane to your hotel room while carrying valuables requires careful planning to ensure nothing gets lost or stolen along the way. Jewelry can draw the attention of pickpockets and thieves, so you need to be mindful of dressing appropriately for your destination and not flaunting expensive pieces that make you a target for petty crime.

As you prepare for your trip, think about how to pack your favorite jewelry pieces and protect them on the road.

1.     Figure Out What Jewelry to Bring With You

While you want to bring some of your more treasured pieces with you to show off in your vacation photos, it’s often in your best interest to leave your most valuable jewelry items at home. Make sure you are aware of any travel advisories for your destination before your departure so you can take the necessary measures to prevent pickpockets and thieves from taking your jewelry. You need to be realistic about what you want to bring, where you plan to wear your jewelry, and when you will wear it.

Whether you plan to swim at the beach or dine in your favorite city, only bring jewelry that is suitable for your trip. You don’t want to bring an excess of valuables that you won’t wear most of the time because this leaves them vulnerable to theft in your hotel room or Airbnb. By choosing a few of your favorite rope chains and bracelets, you can dress your outfits up without worrying about other items being taken while you’re away from your room.

2.     Pack Your Jewelry Correctly

It is possible to prepare your jewelry for travel in a few ways depending on the pieces you bring on your trip. These tips can help you organize and pack your jewelry more efficiently:

  • Jewelry roll

If you frequently travel, invest in a jewelry travel roll. The jewelry goes in the pockets or inside the roll, and then you wrap it up. Additionally, soft jewelry rolls take up less space in your luggage, making them easier to carry around with you. In some jewelry rolls, a key and clasp provide additional security.

  • Jewelry pouch

There are pockets inside a jewelry pouch to prevent your necklaces and bracelets from tangling and moving around in your bag. Some jewelry pouches come with a bag and a case, with the bag acting as the main storage compartment.

  • Large jewelry case

A large case can hold several jewelry pieces, including gold chains for men. When you travel, you should bring one with you if you plan on wearing your large gold chains to make you stand out at special events. Since these compartments have dividers, they allow you to view all your jewelry simultaneously with no risk of misplacing them.

3.     Consider a Jewelry Insurance Policy

Some homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies cover jewelry loss, but you need to confirm whether your valuables are covered while you’re traveling. Look into buying a separate jewelry insurance policy for your jewelry if you plan to travel with these items. Speak to your insurance agent to determine what policy best meets your needs. If your jewelry is lost or stolen, ensure your insurance policy covers the entire cost of the item.

Increasing your liability limits or adding floater insurance gives you more coverage under your insurance policy. The amount of coverage you receive remains the same regardless of how much you increase your responsibility. The most expensive option is to purchase floater coverage, which pays for the total value of your jewelry if it is lost or stolen.

4.     Document Your Jewelry

Before you depart for your trip, make a list of all the jewelry you intend to bring and take pictures of it. Photograph the jewelry piece in close-up and take another of the piece’s details. Photograph your face to prove you’re the owner of the jewelry. You can also take photos of any receipts for your jewelry.

Organize your photos into an album on your phone or a cloud service like iCloud or Google Drive. Ensure you take additional security measures, such as requiring a password to unlock your phone. A file locker app helps protect your photo album by providing a passcode and a storage option besides your device’s photo app. Once you have stored the photos of your jewelry and the receipts in the file locker app, remember to delete them from your photo gallery.

Managing your jewelry accordingly for your trip makes it easier for you to track your movements if a necklace goes missing. When you report your jewelry loss to your insurance company, you can show your insurance agent the photographs of your jewelry and their receipts as proof of ownership.

5.     Bring Your Jewelry in Your Carry-On Luggage

Checking your suitcase on your trip only to discover that your beloved jewelry is missing on arrival can be a nightmare. You need to ensure your jewelry stays close to you and is well-protected at all times as you travel to your destination, so always pack it in your carry-on or personal item.

Checked baggage is more likely to be lost in transit after being handled by several people. Take your jewelry with you wherever you go, and stay alert and cautious.

6.     Protect Your Jewelry After Arrival

Your hotel may have some accommodations for protecting your jewelry when you are not wearing it. Many hotels have a safe you can use in your hotel room to secure your valuables. Take advantage of these measures if they’re available to store your jewelry items when you’re not wearing them.

Besides a safe, the hotel may have other security services, such as a safety deposit box. Some hotels may charge a fee for using a safe-deposit box, but it is worth it to secure your jewelry if you’re not wearing it during the trip.

Keep Your Jewelry Safe At All Times

Even though packing your jewelry items securely before traveling requires some forethought, it is better than losing your valuables during a trip. Make sure you document all the jewelry you intend to bring and pack it carefully for your flight. Have a plan for safe storage at your accommodation, especially if you aren’t planning to wear these items all day, every day.

Taking time to research and plan how to keep your valuable jewelry items safe can help you have a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation.



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