5 Tips for Healthy Eating on a Cruise

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You’re finally taking the time to go on your dream vacation — a cruise to the Caribbean. Your bags are packed, your passport is up-to-date, and you’re counting down the days until you leave. Have you given any thought to your diet while you’re away? Many people think that the best way to enjoy a vacation is to throw caution to the wind and eat and drink anything and everything they want. After all, you’ve already paid for it, so it’s important to get your money’s worth. However, unrestricted eating while on vacation might actually cause you to enjoy your vacation less. Here are five tips to maintain a healthy diet on a cruise and still have a great time.

1. Start the Day Right

Are you a breakfast person? It’s common to skip breakfast in favor of time and just drink coffee until lunch. On a cruise, there are many activities to do, and once you get to a port, you’ll want lots of energy to explore. Start your day right by having a protein-rich breakfast. A bagel sandwich with eggs, meat, and cheese or oatmeal with nuts and fruit will keep you full until lunch. A good breakfast can also help to prevent overeating at other meals. When you overeat, you often feel tired and sluggish, which could lead to taking a nap instead of enjoying the experiences available on your cruise.

2. Eat Your Veggies

Make a point of putting some veggies on your plate at least once a day. Enjoy a dinner salad one night. Chefs look to the countries you’ll dock at when sourcing ingredients on an Eastern Caribbean cruise. Have some steamed veggies as a side the next day, or add spinach and peppers to your morning omelet. One complaint many travelers have is that they experience stomach problems during vacation from all of the rich food. By purposefully including vegetables in your diet at least once a day, you can hopefully avoid such discomfort.

3. Be Choosy with Your Sweets

There are few other times when you’ll be surrounded by such decadent foods all day long. It can be tempting to go overboard on sweets and treats. A pastry for breakfast, a couple of cookies at lunch, some ice cream in the afternoon. Soon you’ve consumed your daily calorie totals in sweets alone. Plan ahead and know where you’ll be eating each day. Do you have special dinner plans? Skip the sweets the rest of the day and order a decadent dessert to finish off your meal that you know will be high quality and worth the wait.

4. Watch Your Drink Count

Beer, wine, and mixed drinks are readily available on cruises, and many people enjoy indulging a little extra while on vacation. Much like overeating other things, overconsumption of alcohol can have negative side effects that might prevent you from fully enjoying all of the activities and trips that are available on your cruise. It’s also important to be careful when drinking in another country while docked. While alcohol itself is typically safe, the ice found in mixed drinks is typically made with tap water that could wreak havoc on your stomach. Keeping your wits about you by being careful of how much you’re drinking in an unfamiliar place is not only safer, but it can be better for your waistline, too.

5. Enjoy Yourself

You’re finally on vacation, so go enjoy yourself! Make a reservation at one of the specialty venues on board your ship. Try a local delicacy. Have a little extra dessert once or twice, or enjoy some more wine. Don’t let making smart health decisions rob you of all of your vacation fun.

Going on a cruise gives you a wide range of activities to try and places to experience. By paying attention to healthy eating during your trip, you will set yourself up to have the energy and stamina that you need to truly enjoy everything.



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