7 Trends in Luxury Retirement Communities

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A retirement community is not just a residence. It is a place where one can enjoy family, meet new people and live life as independently as possible. A luxurious retirement community tops the retirement experience with stunning suites, fantastic amenities, and passionate staff who are present when needed the most.

These are seven trends in retirement communities.

Prime Locations

The retiring baby boomers are more active than their predecessors. They want to shop, tour, and enjoy a more active retirement lifestyle. So these retirees are looking into waterfront locations, elite neighborhoods, and historic sites. A good example is Sorrento Luxury retirement homes that borders one of the smallest lakes amongst the great lakes, Lake Ontario.

Upscale Amenities

In addition to beautiful locations, remarkable architecture, on-site salons, gourmet dining make the luxurious retirement lifestyle come full circle. The best retirement homes pay detailed attention to professional staff, a five-star menu of individual staff, and quality furnishing.

Robust Communities

As we age, we lose personal connections. Impeccable retirement communities foster socialization among the retirees and with the residents. They make it that these neighbors get to know each other and share special moments.

It is critical for retiring individuals to create new relationships to replace the lost ones. It improves their health as well as their quality of life. More importantly, socialization staves off depression and mental decline.

A Focus on Independence

As much as the aging might need help, they require their independence. Maintaining a comfortable level of autonomy is paramount for life satisfaction and happiness. The best retirement communities will allow individuals to seek their interests and pursuits.

Even if one is in a retirement community, they should have the autonomy of controlling their schedule, visiting places of interest, and attending events. In addition, the luxurious community should have available transportation to move the retirees to museums, doctor’s appointments, shops, and other places they might want to take.

Individualized Care Plan

In luxurious retirement communities, there should be round-the-clock medical attendants on-site. The chefs should be working very closely with the dietitians to curate individual meals. Mental health professionals should work closely with the individual to plan personalized activities. In addition, there should be kinesiologists and personal trainers on-site to provide physical therapy and fitness classes. An excellent luxurious individualized care plan should address cognitive, physical, and social wellbeing.


The aging boomers know a thing or two about technology. So apart from retirement communities having tight security thanks to technology, monitoring technology, Wi-Fi services, and more, these homes also offer classes on social media, internet research, email, and even the latest internet trends and applications.

Intergenerational Activities

The aging enjoys interacting with the young and vibrant members of our society. It brings out the youth and energizes them to reminisce on the good old days. Luxurious homes understand that such memories, moments, and experiences improve the quality of life. As a result, the older generation taking part in intergenerational activities experience fewer falls, perform better on memory tests and burn more calories.

The younger generations involved in these activities also get to soak in the wisdom of the years. Younger generations involved in such activities are less likely to abuse drugs, communicate better, and develop superior problem-solving skills.


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