Eyelash Serums That Cause Red Eyes

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Eyelash serums are popular lash growth serums that claim to lengthen, thicken, and darken eyelashes in as little as 16 weeks of application. Since the introduction of eyelash serum to the cosmetic market, a slew of identical companies has sprung up, all claiming to provide the same advantages. Some eyelashes, on the other hand, have well-documented negative side effects that might injure the eyes or eyelid tissue. An optometrist will discuss the dangers of lash growth serums. One of the most important indicators of face attractiveness and overall beauty is the eyes.


The active element in eyelash serum, bimatoprost, is the most worrisome ingredient for eye experts. A prostaglandin analog, bimatoprost is a chemical. Prostaglandins are chemical substances that are naturally present in practically all of our body’s tissues and are important for signaling inflammation.

In addition to persistent discomfort, some have been reported to darken the skin of the eyelids and the color of the iris in persons with light brown or hazel eyes, as well as cause a “sunken eye” look by reducing the layers of orbital fat surrounding the eye socket.

Because cosmetic packaging does not typically mention that a synthetic prostaglandin is contained, it might be difficult to recognize as an active component in an OTC-ELGS. The idea is to seek the word “prost” as a clue to a synthetic prostaglandin component. With other prostaglandin analog agents in OTC-ELGS, isopropyl Cloprostenate is one of the most prevalent active components.

Synthetic prostaglandins are not used in all lash serums. Polypeptide and lipopeptide preparations of amino acids that encourage follicle development and function as a “conditioning” agent are among the alternate formulations.

Even the lipopeptide and polypeptide versions are not always risk-free and may include additional irritating substances, so it’s crucial to read the ingredient list carefully.

In the United States, the cosmetics business is highly unregulated, with just 11 substances restricted from usage owing to health risks. This is a small proportion of the 1328 prohibited components in Europe’s cosmetics.

Why Do Some People Get Dry Eyes?

When compared to other eye problems, the aforementioned adverse effects may seem minimal at first look. Ocular surface dysfunction and chronic dry eye, on the other hand, might have a long-term impact on your vision quality and comfort. This is because the meibomian glands surrounding our eyes release a little quantity of oil every time we blink to keep them moist. When prostaglandin analogs create ocular inflammation, the oil hardens and is unable to disperse uniformly over the eye’s surface (just like, for example, toothpaste is harder to spread over a surface than olive oil.)

The oil may build up in the meibomian glands to the point that it plugs and backs up. If this is not handled, the glands may be permanently damaged. The body will be unable to moisturize the eye without the presence of Meibomian glands. The outcome is typically severe and irreparable dry eye.

Isopropyl Cloprostenate and Chronic Dry Eye

Some products are fairly costly for the ordinary consumer, around $130 per month, and numerous brands have emerged as a “cheap” non-prescription alternative. These less expensive solutions, on the other hand, are often just as hazardous to the eyes, if not more so. Isopropyl Cloprostenate, another prostaglandin derivative with a similar mechanism of action, is used in several of them. BrandsReviews has a list of the finest eyelash serums.

Do you want your lashes to be longer? Consult your optometrist.

Most optometrists highly advocate using a high-quality mascara if you want longer, darker lashes. It provides the same results with much fewer hazards. If you are set on using a decent eyelash serums, see your eye doctor first to learn about the hazards. Your eye doctor can keep a watch on you for signs of persistent dry eye and other undesirable side effects that might harm your tear ducts and ocular surface in the long run.

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